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As summer is upon us it is a great time to get out and meet your neighbors.

May 19, 2011 | 2 min reading time

The organization of the Neighborhood Watch Program is moving forward.  I would like to thank Long Community School , Patrice Crotty, Director, Don Dressel , Community Organizer and Christy Boyd, 14th  Ward Neighborhood Stabilization Officer for their work to provide the training and encouragement to those that stepped up to become a Block Captain.   Organizing our neighborhood is important to assure a great quality of life in the Bevo and Southampton areas.   All the organizations in the area contribute to the continuity of crime prevention and community well-being.  If you have not become involved in your neighborhood or business organizations, make it a point to do so.  Knowing your neighbors is the key to a safe community.  If you wish to become involved as a Block Captain, contact Don Dressel at dvdressel@gmail.com.  There will be a Block Captains Meeting on June 16, 6:00 p.m. at Long Community Education Center, 5028 Morganford.  

As summer is upon us it is a great time to get out and meet your neighbors.   If you know your neighbors you know who should be on your block and you know if there are strangers coming and going.  If you are working in your yard, be sure to lock the doors that are not in your view.  For example, if working in the back area, be sure to lock the front door.  Always keep garages and basement access locked to deter entry.    If you see a stranger around your neighbor’s house please do not hesitate to contact police.  Be sure to give the address where the suspicious activity is taking place, NOT your address.  Each of us can help the police combat crime in our area if we just are aware of our surroundings.   Please also be aware that there are some criminals that pose as workmen to gain access to copper pipes and other valuable materials that maybe part of our vehicles and homes.  If you see workmen around, it may be wise to check with your neighbor to see if they are expecting a repairman.   If not, call the police.   If we work together, we can keep the quality of life in our neighborhood.   So don’t sit back and wait for someone else to do it, GET INVOLVED with your neighbors and learn who your Block Captain is.  If you do not have a Block Captain, pair with your neighbor to become the first on your block and share the job.  Contact Don Dressel and let him know you will be at the meeting on June 16 at Long Community School.

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