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Scottrade Center Leasehold Revenue Bonds

Important Note: All of the information set forth below is historical and subject to change. Investors must read the entire final official statement ("OS"), as well as any updated information regarding these bonds made available by the City at the Municipal Securities Rulemaking Board's Electronic Municipal Market Access ("EMMA") website, to obtain the information essential to the making of an informed investment decision.

Project Description:
The Scottrade Center Bonds provided financing for a portion of phase one of the rehabilitation, repair, and improvement of the Scottrade Center.  There will be a multi-phased renovation and rehabilitation plan for Scottrade Center that is designed to improve the concourse and common area appearances and make building systems, technology, and infrastructure improvements to be completed over an estimated five-year period.  The second phase of the Scottrade Center renovation ("Phase Two"), is contingent upon supplemental public and private investment.  No proceeds from the sale of the Scottrade Center Bonds will be used for construction of Phase Two. 

Bond Holder Security:
The Scottrade Center Bonds are special obligations of the Land Clearance fro Redevelopment Authority (the "Authority").  Under the Financing Agreement, the City has agreed to transfer certain amounts to the Trustee pursuant to a schedule of specified payments to be made by the City, subject to annual appropriation of funds legally available for expenditure in the City's general fund.

For a more detailed description of the security for the Scottrade Center Bonds, please refer to the Official Statement for the relevant series of bonds (links provided below) and to for any Continuing Disclosure Updates and Material Event Filings.     

Bonds Outstanding:
There is currently outstanding the following one (1) series of Scottrade Center Bonds with an aggregate principal amount of $53,510,000 as follows:



New Money/Refunding

Par Outstanding

Final Maturity

Land Clearance for Redevelopment Authority


New Money


April 1, 2048


Debt Service on Outstanding Bonds as of December 31, 2022.


Official Statements:


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