The City's Red Light Camera Program in Light of the Ellisville Ruling

The City of St. Louis Red Light Camera Safety Program remains open and fully operational.

November 7, 2013 | 2 min reading time

This article is 9 years old. It was published on November 7, 2013.

A recent court decision regarding the Ellisville program does not affect the City of St. Louis’ red light camera program. If you receive a red light camera ticket in the City of St. Louis, then you need to pay it or contest it in court.

Because Missouri cities have taken varying approaches as to how they present red light citations to vehicle owners and operators, there have been a number of appellate court decisions regarding the differing programs. But one thing has remained consistent:  the appellate courts repeatedly have re-affirmed the authority of cities to regulate traffic safety through the use of red light cameras. 

Because of conflicting court rulings regarding the procedural aspects of red light camera programs throughout the State, the City expects that the State Supreme Court will eventually clarify the procedures that cities must use for the issuance of citations. While some jurisdictions may need to change their procedural approaches, red light safety 
camera programs will continue. 

City Counselor Patti Hageman advises that, “the law remains that red light safety cameras are constitutional, legal and valid safety tools.  The recent Ellisville court decision does not impact the St. Louis City red light camera safety program.”

Unlike Ellisville, the City’s program allows vehicle owners to refute that they were driving at the time of the violation. Also unlike Ellisville, the City’s ordinance makes no mention of whether the State will assess “points” for a red light camera violation, a matter the City’s program has left up to the State. 

Since the inception of red light safety cameras in the City of St. Louis, violations at camera intersections have gone down by nearly two-thirds.
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