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Franz Park picnic area
Franz Park picnic area by Mark Groth

Sophia D. Franz gave her 5.32 acres to the city for a park and playground in honor of her husband Ehrhardt D. Franz in 1915, (with the stipulation to be used for a playground for the children). Ehrhardt was a wholesale merchandiser. He came to thee United States in 1854, and after accumulating some wealth, moved his family to St. Louis in 1871. Their house sat on 6730 Mitchell on what is now a tennis court in the playground.

There are plenty of trees within the park to provide shade where people can relax and hang out with their kids on the playground, and there are street trees lining the southern edge of the park.

The park is in great condition and is utilized by Wilkinson Early Childhood Center, a fantastic magnet school right across the street.

Ordinance Year: 1915

Size: 4.67 acres

Park Type: City Park

Maintained By:
Parks Division

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Franz Park

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