Lindell Boulevard Safety Improvements

Safety improvements to Lindell Boulevard (Skinker to Kingshighway)

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Design is complete. Construction is on hold pending additional funds.


At the request of the 28th Ward Alderwoman, the President's Office of the City of St. Louis Board of Public Service has contracted with CBB to provide traffic engineering design services for improvements proposed to Lindell Boulevard (Skinker to Kingshighway). The project lies along the northern edge of Forest Park.


Project Objective

  • The purpose of the project is to calm traffic and improve the safety for all users of Lindell where based on previous studies, it is desired to reduce travel lanes and make the entire corridor safer for pedestrians and bicyclists.
  • Coordinate with the upcoming project to replace the Union-Lindell Bridge over Forest Park Parkway/MetroLink.

Facility Description

  • Lindell Boulevard extends from Skinker near the City Limits to Grand and then continues as Olive Street to N. 4th in Downtown St. Louis.
  • Lindell/Olive west of Tucker is classified as a minor arterial which means that it carries longer distance flows between important activity centers such as Downtown St. Louis, SLU, Grand Center, Forest Park, and Washington University.
  • Existing street section consists of two lanes in each direction.
  • The Average Daily Traffic (ADT) for the length of the study area is 9,770 vehicles per day (vpd). The segment from Union to West Pine has the heaviest volume at 12,353 vpd.

Prior Studies and Reports

Project Submittals

Project Budget

  • Design: $119,750
  • Construction:
    • $415,000 obligated
    • $757,038 estimated (based on 1/22/2022 Revised Final Bid Documents)

Project Schedule

Schematic Design

Winter through Fall 2019

Preliminary Design

Fall 2019 through Winter 2020

Community Engagement

Fall 2019, ongoing

Final Design

Winter 2021 through Fall 2021

Community Engagement Ends

Mid Fall 2021

Prepare Bid Documents

Winter 2022
**Remainder of schedule is dependent on funding and subject to change**

Bidding, Executing Construction Contract

Winter through Spring 2022



     City Milling and Paving

Spring 2022

     Concrete Medians and Striping

Summer through Fall 2022


Comments on the 7/1/2021 plan set were due by September 30, 2021.


For additional information please contact:

Alderwoman Navarro
City of St. Louis Board of Aldermen
City Hall Room 230
1200 Market Street
St. Louis, Mo 63103

Eric Bothe, P.E.
City of St. Louis Board of Public Service
City Hall Room 301
1200 Market Street
St. Louis, MO 63103

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