Minimum Wage

The state's law preempting the City's law will go into effect on August 28th. On August 28th, the City's higher minimum wage will no longer be in effect and the rate will return back to the State's minimum wage.


The City's minimum wage became effective May 5, 2017.  This law only applies to employees working in the geographical boundaries of the City of St. Louis if the employer or employee are not exempt from the Ordinance.  Covered employers are required to pay their employees $10.00 an hour, which will increase to $11.00 an hour on January 1, 2018.  Information regarding exemptions, notice requirements, complaints and other details are available on the links below.  Inquiries may also be directed to the City's Minimum Wage Compliance Section by email at or by telephone at (314) 589-6735

View a map of City of St. Louis boundaries to help determine whether your employer or work site is within the geographical boundaries. Please be advised, however, that if the address is entered incorrectly, then you may not obtain the correct information as to whether the address is in the City. 

Frequently Asked Questions on the Minimum Wage Law.


City's Minimum Wage Ordinance Remains Effective and Enforceable until August 28, 2017
Covered employers are obligated under the law to comply with the City's minimum wage rate until August 28, 2017.
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Minimum Wage Ordinances

View the ordinance text and legislative history.

Notices, Rules and Regulations

The following are the Notices for the Minimum Wage Law. Per Ordinance 70078, all employers are required to post the City's Minimum Wage Law Notices in a conspicuous place at the facility of where any employee works in the City. 

Submit a Complaint

Complaints submitted to the the Department of Human Services will be investigated by the Department within a 45 day period of time.

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