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Comptroller Green Hosts Transportation Forum

US-China Transportation Forum was held at the Gateway Transportation Center on Jan. 11.

February 1, 2012 | 2 min reading time

This article is 12 years old. It was published on February 1, 2012.

Comptroller Darlene Green hosted the US-China Transportation Forum on Jan. 11 at the Gateway Transportation Center (GTC).

The U.S. delegation was led by USDOT Deputy Secretary John D. Porcari.  The Chinese delegation was led by Vice Minister Xu Zuyyuam, who oversees maritime issues for the Ministry of Transportation for the People's Republic of China.

Comptroller Green with US-China Forum delegates

Some 60 guests gathered at the forum to discuss multimodal facilities and take a tour of the GTC. 

The US-China Transportation Forum was established during the 4th Strategic Economic Dialogue (SED) in Annapolis, Maryland after both nations signed a Joint Declaration on Transportation Cooperation.  

The first Transportation Forum was held in Beijing, China on Dec. 3, 2008.  Both nations agreed to establish working groups to discuss priority areas in new railway technologies, urban congestion, innovative financing, transport of hazardous goods and disaster assistance coordination.  China specifically requested at last year's meeting that the 2012 Forum be held on the Mississippi River due to their interest in inland waterways and port development.

Comptroller Darlene Green

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