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What's your tobacco regulations I.Q.?

February 1, 2013 | 2 min reading time



                            Tobacco Regulations Survey

The City of St. Louis Department of Health deems tobacco use to be a serious health problem in the City of St. Louis. The Health Department recently conducted a survey related to tobacco regulations at several local tobacco retail outlets. The survey is listed below. Test your knowledge of the regulations by answering the questions. Share your score with the Health Department by emailing it to

1.  In establishments that only allow entry of person 18 and older, retailers can break open packs to sell cigarettes individually.

True or False

2. Approximately how much money does the tobacco industry spend to advertise

and promote their products in the United States?

a) 200,000 /day b) $1 million/day c) $10 million/day d) $30 million/day

3. It is illegal to sell cigarettes with fruit or candy flavors.

True or False

4. Please rate whether you agree or disagree with the following statement:

In the U.S. tobacco use is a public health problem for youth under 18 years

of age.

Strongly Disagree Agree Undecided        Strongly Agree

5. A person enters you establishment to purchase cigarettes. He looks about 25

years old. Are you legally required to card the person?

Yes No Not Sure

6.All tobacco retailers in the City of St. Louis are permitted to display signs

advertising tobacco products on the exterior or their establishments.

True or False


1. False.

Federal, state and City of St. Louis law prohibit the sale of unpackaged

cigarettes and smokeless tobacco.

2.d). $30 million/day

The tobacco industry spends more than $28 million each cay marketing it's

products in the U.S.. That's over $10 billion a year.

3.  True.  

It is illegal to sell cigarettes with fruit or candy flavors

4. Strongly Agree

Every day 1,000 kids become daily smokers, many of them age 13 or younger. About

1/3 of these kids will eventually die from a tobacco related cause.

5. Yes.

Federal law requires photo ID age verification for anyone who wants to

purchase tobacco and appears to be younger that 27.

6. False.

City of St. Louis Ordinance 64463 prohibits the placement of such advertisement

within 2,000 feet of a public park, daycare facility, community recreation center or

public or private school.


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