Hyde Park Lake

Overview for Hyde Park Lake in Hyde Park

Photo by Mark Groth Title: Hyde Park Lake Fishing sign
Source: Mark Groth


Reservations: Hyde Park Lake cannot be reserved.

Park: Hyde Park

Rules and Regulations:

Rules and Regulations governing fishing in city parks are the same as those set forth by the Missouri Conservation Commission.
1)All persons between the ages of 16 and 65 must have a fishing license on their person when fishing.
2)No trout lines are permitted.
3)No gigging, trapping or snagging of fish is ever permitted
4)The limits of fish that may be in one person?s possession are as set forth by state law.

Stocking Information:

Lakes are stocked by Missouri Conservation the first week of the month accourding to the following schedule:
May-Bullhead Catfish,
June-October-Channel Catfish,

Fishing Permitted: Yes

Size: 1 acre


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