Address Type

Overview and elements for this controlled vocabulary

Definition: Address type code

Metadata updated: 9/24/19


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Title Definition Identifier Last Updated
Address used for Geo-coding G 9/24/19
Associated Retired LRMS Parcel Address R 9/24/19
BldgMc: Don't auto update 9 9/24/19
BldgMc: Don't auto update - Made up 8 9/24/19
Building Address Only (multi parcel building) B 9/24/19
Corrected or Added Address A 9/24/19
Historic (eg demolished building) H 9/24/19
LRMS Legal Address 1 9/24/19
LRMS Legal and Low/HighAddress 3 9/24/19
LRMS Low/High Address 2 9/24/19
Non-LRMS Parcel X 9/24/19
Other non-LRMS source O 9/24/19
Permit non-LRMS Address P 9/24/19
To be deleted (temporary value) D 9/24/19
Unverified from non-LRMS source (temporary value) Q 9/24/19

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