Crowne Plaza Community Improvement District

Details about the Crowne Plaza Community Improvement District


This District has the authority to impose a sales and use tax not exceeding one percent of all retail sales within its bounds. It is prohibited by ordinance from submitting to qualified voters any proposed real property tax levy.
Location: the tract of land between Fourth Street, Washington Avenue, Pine Street, and Third Street Memorial Highway/Interstate 70.
The District's term of existence is twenty-five years.

Apply to Serve (5 openings)
Openings include appointments labeled "Serving Beyond Term."

Board Members

Showing 4 active board members (maximum 5)
Name Role End Date
Julie Baker Member 06/15/2021
Serving Beyond Term
Glenda Lockhart Member 06/15/2021
Serving Beyond Term
Dasha Pork Member 06/15/2021
Serving Beyond Term
Ashley Brewer Member 06/15/2019
Serving Beyond Term

Authorizing Legislation

Ordinance: 68641; Mo. Rev. Stat. Sections 67.1401 through 67.1571.

Member Requirements

Appointments require Board of Aldermen approval.

In accordance with the Petition to Establish, the District's Board of Directors "shall be composed of five (5) members appointed by the Mayor of the City, with the consent of the Board of Alderman." No other requirements are given for Board membership in either the Petition to Establish or the establishing Ordinance.
Successive Directors shall serve for three year terms (Ordinance No 68641, Section Three).

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