Railway Exchange Community Improvement District

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The purpose of the District is to provide services, construct improvements, impose a sales and use tax and carry out other functions as set forth in the Petition.
Location: 7th Street on its Western boundary; Locust Street on its Northern boundary; 6th Street on its Eastern boundary; and Pine Street on its Southern boundary

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Board Members

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Name Role End Date
Robert (Rob) Goltermann Member 10/22/2022
Serving Beyond Term
Amos Harris Member 10/22/2022
Serving Beyond Term
Angela Busch Member 10/22/2020
Serving Beyond Term
Steve Metherd Member 10/22/2020
Serving Beyond Term
Heather Stanley Member 10/22/2020
Serving Beyond Term

Authorizing Legislation

Ordinance 68756; Mo. Rev. Stat. Sections 67.1401 through 67.1571.

Board Duties and Purpose

The purpose of the District is to provide a source of revenue and to facilitate the Project (as such term is defined herein) in order to increase the use and value of the District Property. The "Project" shall consist of the services and improvements contemplated in Section B below. Additionally, the purposes of the District are to:
(a) Pledge its revenues to one or more notes or other obligations, which may be issued by the District or another public body (collectively, the "District Obligations"), secured by the tax revenues of the District ("CID Revenues"), the proceeds of said District Obligations to be used toward the payment of costs and fees of the Project and the costs of issuing the District Obligations;
(b) Enter into contracts or other agreements in order to complete or cause completion of the Project and other purposes of the District;
(c) Levy a retail sales and use tax in accordance with the Act (the "District Sales Tax");
(d) Attempt to remediate the conditions that cause certain District Property to be a blighted area as previously determined by the City of St. Louis; and
(e) Exercise any authorized purpose of the District pursuant to and in accordance with the Act. B.
Services and Improvements:
The District will cause the design and implementation of various improvements and services located within and benefiting the properties of the District. Such improvements and services may be undertaken in multiple phases or may occur in one phase. The contemplated improvements and services consist of all such improvements and services authorized under the Act including, without limitation:
(a) Providing or contracting for the provision of cleaning, maintenance and other services to public and private property as well as providing for the provision of security personnel, equipment or facilities for the protection of property and persons, within the District;
(b) Providing assistance to and/or constructing, reconstructing, installing, repairing, maintaining, and equipping any of the improvements permitted by the Act including, but not necessarily limited to, landscaping, meeting facilities, sidewalks, parking lots, streetscape, lighting, benches and other seating furniture, trash receptacles, and awnings;

Member Requirements

Appointments require Board of Aldermen approval.

In accordance with Section 4: Governance of the District of Ordinance 68756,
The District shall be governed by a Board consisting of five (5) directors (the "Directors" and each a "Director").
“Each Director, during his or her term, shall meet the following requirements: (a) be a citizen of the United States of America; (b) be a Missouri resident for at least one year prior to appointment to the Board; (c) be at least 18 years of age; and (d) be either an owner of real property or their legally authorized representative within the District ("Owner"), or an owner of a business or their legally authorized representative operating within the District ("Operator").
In addition to the foregoing qualifications, at least one (1) Director shall be an Owner of a parking garage, and at least two (2) Directors shall be an Owner of a building with at least 100,000 square feet.”

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