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There is hereby established a Building Energy Improvement Board (hereinafter, “Building Energy Improvement Board” or “Board”).

The Board shall consist of nine (9) members appointed by the Mayor. At least six (6) members of the Board shall be residents of the City of Saint Louis and three (3) members shall be residents of the St. Louis region.

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Board Members

Showing 13 active board members (maximum 13)
Name Role End Date
Brian De Carlo Member 11/01/2027
Christopher Bedell Vice Chairperson 11/01/2025
Douglas (Doug) Miller Member 11/01/2025
Madeline Emerson Alternate 11/01/2024
Terri Lynn Fritsche Member 11/01/2024
Aaron Michels Alternate 11/01/2024
Dan Rayhawk Alternate 11/01/2024
Jesse Arevalo Member 11/01/2023
Serving Beyond Term
Mary Ann Lazarus Member 11/01/2023
Serving Beyond Term
Teresa Lutz Member 11/01/2023
Serving Beyond Term
Craig Aubuchon Member 11/01/2022
Serving Beyond Term
Linda Little Member 11/01/2022
Serving Beyond Term
Cheryl Lovell Member 11/01/2022
Serving Beyond Term

Authorizing Legislation

pdf St. Louis City Ordinance 71132 Document (550.07 KB)
pdf St. Louis City Ordinance 70474 Document (37.48 KB)

Board Duties and Purpose

The Building Energy Improvement Board conduct the following duties and functions:

(a) Establish and approve building energy performance standards by property type for each compliance cycle, as recommended by the Building Division;

(b) Review and, as necessary, recommend amendments to proposed regulations issued by the Building Division;

(c) Recommend complementary programs or policies;

(d) Review appeals regarding any action(s) taken due to this ordinance and the Building Energy Awareness Ordinance (#70474);

(e) Provide sample alternative compliance plans to meet building energy performance standards; and

(f) Review alternative compliance plans submitted and make recommendations for approval or denial by the Building Division.

(g) As requested by the Building Division, review and advise on whether to approve applications for extensions and exemptions related to building energy performance standard requirements. Such review shall be based on criteria outlined in sub-section C of Section SIX of the Ordinance.

(h) Establish a technical subcommittee.

Member Requirements

The Building Energy Improvement Board shall be comprised of representatives, or their designee, from the following, but not limited to, possible entities:

a) Building Division

b) local utilities

c)a provider of energy efficiency or renewable energy services

d) affordable and/or multi-family housing representative

e) affordable housing tenant

f) labor

g) technical building design professional (s)

h) environmental non-profit

i) commercial building

j) engineering

Term of Office:

All appointments and subsequent appointments shall be for a term of 4 years and shall expire on the anniversary of the date of the original term, except appointments to fill vacancies which shall be for the unexpired term. Terms for first appointments will be staggered. Members whose appointed terms have expired shall be permitted to continue to serve until reappointed or replaced by a new appointee.

Technical Subcommittee:

A technical sub-committee shall also be established and charged with reviewing and acting on alternative compliance plans and would consist of at least 80 percent of technical experts. Members of the technical sub-committee may also be members of the full Building Energy Improvement Board. The decision(s) of the sub-committee can be appealed to the full Building Energy Improvement Board.

The alternates shall have all power, protection, and stipends as the regular board members in accordance with Civil Service protection. The alternates shall be appointed by the Mayor for four-year terms.


The Building Energy Improvement Board members and technical sub-committee members shall be compensated for services rendered on a per meeting basis as established by rule-making and subject to budgeted funds availability. Fifty dollars ($50) shall be paid to each member present on a per meeting basis. Budgeted funds will be paid from the Building Division.

Class Title-Member, Building Energy Improvement Board


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