DeBaliviere Place Special Buisness District

Details about the DeBaliviere Place Special Buisness District


A Special Business District, to be known as the "DeBaliviere Place Special Business District" (hereinafter referred to as the "District"), is hereby established for the area of the City.

There shall be a Board of Commissioners to administer the District.

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Board Members

Showing 7 active board members (maximum 7)
Name Role End Date
Stephanie Brown Member 12/31/2025
Charles Wiltsch Member 12/31/2025
Sherrone Beatty Member 12/31/2024
Bobbie Butterly Member 12/31/2023
Sid Chakraverty Member 12/31/2023
Neill Costello Member 12/31/2022
Amy Grace Member 12/31/2022

Authorizing Legislation

Ordinance 69916; Rev. Mo. Stat. 71.790-71.802

Board Duties and Purpose

To provide special police and/or security facilities, equipment, vehicles and/or personnel for the protection and enjoyment of the property owners and the general public within the District; to provide special cleaning facilities and personnel for the enjoyment of the property owners and the general public within the District; to landscape and plant trees, bushes and shrubbery, flowers and each and every other kind of decorative planting; to construct, install, improve and/or maintain pedestrian malls, plazas, streets, sidewalks, parks, bus stop shelters, lighting, benches, or other seating furniture, sculptures, traffic signs, fire hydrants, kiosks, trash receptacles, marquees, awnings, canopies, walls, fences, gates and barriers, paintings, murals, alleys, shelters, fountains, ramps, and each and every other useful or necessary or desired improvement; to promote activities in the District by, but not limited to, advertising, decoration of any public place in the area, promotion of public events which are to take place on or in public places, furnishing of music in any public place and the general promotion of activities in the District; to maintain any City-owned streets, alleys, malls, ramps, trees and decorative plantings of each and every nature, and any structure or object of any nature whatsoever constructed or operated by the city; to prohibit or restrict vehicular traffic on such streets and alleys within the District as the Board of Aldermen may deem necessary and to provide the means for access by emergency and refuse vehicles to or in such areas; to close existing City-owned streets or alleys or to open new streets and alleys or to widen or narrow existing City-owned streets and alleys in whole or in part within the District as the Board of Aldermen may deem necessary.

Member Requirements

Appointments require Board of Aldermen approval.

A. Membership:

The Board of Commissioners shall consist of seven members, and shall be appointed by the Mayor with the advice and consent of the Board of Aldermen, of whom five members shall be owners of real property within the District or their representatives and two members shall be renters within the District or their representatives; provided, however, that no employee or elected official of the City of St. Louis shall be a member of the Board of Commissioners.

B. Term of Office:

Each member of the Board of Commissioners shall serve for a 4-year term (except as provided herein with respect to the initial members), with terms expiring as of December 31st of the designated year or when their successors are appointed as provided herein, whichever is later.

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