1100 Washington Avenue Community Improvement District

Details about the 1100 Washington Avenue Community Improvement District


The 1100 Washington Avenue Community Improvement District is hereby established pursuant to the CID Act on certain real property to provide services, construct improvements, impose a sales tax and carry out other functions as set forth in the petition attached to Appendix A (on file with the city Register)

This District is a single address.

Apply to Serve (5 openings)
Openings include appointments labeled "Serving Beyond Term."

Board Members

Showing 2 active board members (maximum 5)
Name Role End Date
Ryan Snyder Member 07/11/2018
Serving Beyond Term
Stuart Woody Member 07/11/2018
Serving Beyond Term

Authorizing Legislation

Ordinance 68436; Mo. Rev. Stat. Sections 67.1401 through 67.1571

Member Requirements

Appointments require Board of Aldermen approval.

In accordance with the Petition to Establish, the District shall be governed by a Board of five Directors who are, during their term, "at least 18 years of age and either an owner of real property or their legally authorized representative within the District, or the owner of a business or their legally authorized representative operating within the District".

Additionally, "successive Directors shall be appointed from a slate approved by the Directors and by the Mayor with the consent of the Board of Alderman...Successive Directors shall serve four (4) year terms"

Both the Mayor and the Board of Alderman "may reject the slate submitted and request in writing that the Board submit an alternate slate", after which point the Board will have sixty days to provide an alternate slate to the Mayor.

Finally: "The Board shall select the slate as follows:

(a) individuals meeting the qualifications set out in this Petition must be nominated by two sitting Directors;

(b) the Directors shall then vote for a slate of nominees who shall consist of the number needed to fill vacancies and the seats of expiring terms; and

(c) the slate shall consist of the nominees classified so that the Board will meet the representation requirements set out in Section 4 of this Petition".

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