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On April 4, 2023 voters in the City of St. Louis voted to establish a Charter Commission. As a charter city, the people of St. Louis have a unique ability to affect our form of government. The Commission will make recommendations for changes to the City Charter on a recurring basis through an inclusive process that includes listening directly to community members.
In 1914, the City of St. Louis created its Charter, which still serves as the constitution for the City of St. Louis and the plan for the City government. Any change to the Charter requires approval by St. Louis voters. The Charter Commission is a good governance tool designed to serve an ever-changing community’s needs.
Commissioners will begin their work on August 15, 2023 provided they are confirmed by the Board of Aldermen. Nominees will be required to attend a confirmation hearing with the Board of Aldermen.
The application for the Charter Commission closes on June 6th at midnight. From that point, applications will be processed and sent to the Board of Aldermen for their initial review.

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Board Members

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Name Role End Date
Briana (Briana) Bobo Chairperson 08/15/2024
Anna (Anna) Crosslin Member 08/15/2024
David (David) Dwight IV Member 08/15/2024
Reginald (Reginald) Garth Member 08/15/2024
Christopher (Chris) Grant Member 08/15/2024
Scott (Scott) Intagliata Secretary 08/15/2024
Jazzmine (Jazzmine) Nolan-Echols Member 08/15/2024
Anthony (Anthony) Riley Member 08/15/2024
Travis (Travis) Sheridan Vice Chairperson 08/15/2024

Authorizing Legislation

Ordinance 71607

Board Duties and Purpose

The Commission’s mandate is to develop amendments to the City Charter that would then be submitted to voters at the November 2024 General Election. The Commission takes effect on August 15, 2023. From that point on, the Commission will hold public, live-streamed meetings with the public, City employees, departments, and any parties interested in offering thoughts on the City Charter on a monthly basis. The Commission will hold its first public meeting by September 10, 2023.
By its ten month mark, the Commission will present draft changes to the City Charter for public comment. It will hold at least one public hearing before and after the publication of such draft proposed Charter amendments. The draft of proposed Charter amendments will be made publicly available no less than two weeks prior to the required public hearing.
By August 15, 2024, the Commission will send its final recommendations for City Charter amendments to the City Board of Elections. These amendments would then be voted upon by City residents at the November 2024 General Election. The Commission would be discharged and cease to exist within one year of its first public meeting, on August 15, 2024.

Member Requirements

Appointments require Board of Aldermen approval.

Members must be a registered voter in the City of St. Louis for at least two consecutive years immediately preceding the date of appointment to the Commission. Members must also be free of conflicts of interest. Under the authorizing legislation, a conflict of interest arises if, in the two years immediately preceding the date of appointment to the Commission, an applicant, or a first-degree relative of the applicant has been a lobbyist representing clients with interests in front of City government or has financial or service contracts with any City department or office.
Members are eligible for a stipend to cover childcare or transportation upon request.
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