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Resolution 68
This number not used this session
Resolution 11
Cornerstone Center for Early Learning
Annie Rice
Resolution 41
The Board of Aldermen celebrate the accomplishments of Innovative Concept Academy and to congratulate the graduates.
Brandon Bosley
Resolution 31
Bret Narayan
Resolution 75
Honoring Thomas Dunn Learning Center - "The Place"
Cara Spencer
Resolution 36
The Board of Aldermen recognize and commend Father Carl Scheble on a job well done.
Carol Howard
Resolution 78
401 South 18th Street LLC Enterprise Zone
Christine Ingrassia
Resolution 28
Honoring Luke Reynolds
Jack Coatar
Resolution 72
St. Louis Blues Stanley Cup champs 2019
Jack Coatar
Resolution 12
Honoring Gerald French
Jeffrey L Boyd
Resolution 13
Honoring Larry Hooten
Jeffrey L Boyd
Resolution 14
Honoring Cornelius Thompson
Jeffrey L Boyd
Resolution 15
Honoring Nathaniel Davis
Jeffrey L Boyd
Resolution 16
Honoring Tony Fisher
Jeffrey L Boyd
Resolution 17
Honoring Nathaniel Davis, Jr.
Jeffrey L Boyd
Resolution 19
Honoring Jim Williams
Jeffrey L Boyd
Resolution 18
Honoring Robert Parson
Jeffrey L Boyd
Resolution 20
Honoring Lydia Lewis
Jeffrey L Boyd
Resolution 21
Honoring Myrtle Bryant
Jeffrey L Boyd
Resolution 22
Honoring Taria Rowe
Jeffrey L Boyd
Resolution 23
Honoring Terryl Williams
Jeffrey L Boyd
Resolution 24
Honoring Louis Singleton
Jeffrey L Boyd
Resolution 25
Honoring Vera Crowder
Jeffrey L Boyd
Resolution 26
Honoring Marva Jean Johnson
Jeffrey L Boyd
Resolution 39
Honoring Shirley Ann White
Jeffrey L Boyd
Resolution 44
Honoring Stephen Hill
Jeffrey L Boyd
Resolution 67
Honoring Gwen Moore
Jeffrey L Boyd
Resolution 69
The Board of Aldermen congratulates Alice K. Wilson on celebrating her 100th Birthday
Jeffrey L Boyd
Resolution 5
John Collins-Muhammad
Resolution 6
Opposing unification of the City of St. Louis and St. Louis County via Constitutional Amendment
John Collins-Muhammad
Resolution 37
State of the City Address
John Collins-Muhammad
Resolution 9
Central Westend Southeast Special Business District Tax Levy
Joseph D Roddy
Resolution 45
Joseph Vaccaro
Resolution 49
Honoring Raymond G. Harris
Joseph Vaccaro
Resolution 76
Honoring Brian Beffa
Joseph Vollmer
Resolution 2
Board of Aldermen is authorized by Ordinance to hire staff.
Lewis E Reed
Resolution 3
the Clerk of the Board of Aldermen be authorized and directed to prepare the index to the Journal of the Board for the 2019-2020 Session and that the Journal be prepared in both a bound and printed format and in an electronic format in numbers to be
Lewis E Reed
Resolution 4
this Board of Aldermen does hereby authorize a continued payment to each Alderman and the President of the Board of Aldermen of an expense allowance in the amount of three hundred fifty dollars ($350.00) and the issuance of the equivalent of two hund
Lewis E Reed
Resolution 1
Rules of the Board of Aldermen 2019-2020
Lewis E Reed
Resolution 38
Delta Day at City Hall
Lewis E Reed
Resolution 40
The Board of Aldermen proclaims the week of May 20, 2019 as Healthy and Safe Swimming Week in the City of St. Louis.
Lewis E Reed
Resolution 42
Lewis E Reed
Resolution 48
The Board of Aldermen renews their support to reduce gun violence in our City and support local efforts to prevent the tragic effects of gun violence and to honor and value human lives.
Lewis E Reed
Resolution 59
Honoring Dotti Pennington
Lewis E Reed
Resolution 71
The Board of Aldermen recognize the accomplishments of one of America's greatest vocal groups (O'Jays)
Lewis E Reed
Resolution 74
City of St. Louis Senior Citizens Services Fund Budget for Fiscal Year 2019-2020
Lewis E Reed
Resolution 10
The 17th Annual Mary Meacham Freedom Crossing Celebration Africans to Americans: 400 Years of History
Lisa Middlebrook
Resolution 8
Honoring Fr. Lawrence Biondi, S.J.
Marlene E Davis
Resolution 30
Recognizing Cedric Cobb
Marlene E Davis
Resolution 52
Honoring Connie Christine Wilson
Marlene E Davis
Resolution 53
Honoring Ms. Marsha A. Mockabee
Marlene E Davis
Resolution 50
Honoring Betty Thompson
Marlene E Davis
Resolution 51
Honoring Dr. Frances Levine
Marlene E Davis
Resolution 54
Honoring Maureen Brinkley
Marlene E Davis
Resolution 55
Honoring Miranda Jones
Marlene E Davis
Resolution 56
Honoring Molly Hyland
Marlene E Davis
Resolution 57
Honoring Nancy Kranzberg
Marlene E Davis
Resolution 58
Honoring Paula E. W. Carey-Moore
Marlene E Davis
Resolution 60
Honoring Robin Boyce
Marlene E Davis
Resolution 61
Honoring Rose Mary Johnson
Marlene E Davis
Resolution 62
Honoring Suzy Stone
Marlene E Davis
Resolution 63
Honoring Suzy Stone
Marlene E Davis
Resolution 64
Honoring Jenifer Lewis
Marlene E Davis
Resolution 65
Honoring Bern Nadette Stanis
Marlene E Davis
Resolution 66
Honoring Regina Belle
Marlene E Davis
Resolution 77
Honoring Reverend Doctor Anthony Witherspoon
Marlene E Davis
Resolution 70
Megan E.Green
Resolution 7
Honoring Dr. Marabeth E. Gentry
Samuel L Moore
Resolution 27
COmmemorating the Mount Esther Missionary Baptist Church 95th AnniversaryARY
Samuel L Moore
Resolution 32
Honoring the Fifth District Police and Fire house members
Shameem C Hubbard
Resolution 33
Older Americans Month
Shameem C Hubbard
Resolution 43
Shameem C Hubbard
Resolution 47
The Board of Aldermen celebrate the History, legacy, achievements and accomplishments of the Alpha Kappa Alpha Sorority.
Shameem C Hubbard
Resolution 46
The Board of Aldermen celebrate the Achievements and accomplishments of Mrs. Dorothy Louise Hart.
Shameem C Hubbard
Resolution 73
Support for early voting same day registration
Shameem C Hubbard
Resolution 29
Sadie Arnetia Nelson
Sharon Tyus

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