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Resolution 136
National Case Management Week.
Resolution 135
Enterprise Zone for Collective Real Estate, LLC.
Resolution 134
Pastor Miki Merritt and Dr. Carol F. Merritt.
Resolution 133
Samuel J. Dotson to resign
Resolution 132
Maribeth McMahon
Resolution 131
Brother Zack Campbell
Resolution 130
Teamsters Local 688
Resolution 129
UFCW 655
Resolution 128
Hispanic Heritage Month.
Resolution 127
Metropolitan Community Church of Greater St. Louis.
Resolution 126
Sista Strut
Resolution 125
Muslim Solidarity Resolution 2016.
Resolution 124
police dash-cam video
Resolution 123
Stacie Lee Belew
Resolution 122
Oliver and Thelma Carter
Resolution 121
Associated General Contractors of Missouri’s Construction Training School
Resolution 120
Muslim Solidarity Resolution of 2016.
Resolution 119
Darren LaShawn Seals, Jr.
Resolution 118
Dr. Sammie Jones and Lady Sandra Jones
Resolution 117
Thomas Jerry Moore
Resolution 116
Skinker DeBaliviere Community Council
Resolution 115
Cote Brilliante Presbyterian Church
Resolution 114
Rev. Robert C. Scott
Resolution 113
Laclede Cab Company
Resolution 112
Cleveland High School
Resolution 111
Enhanced Enterprise Zone for Midwest Consultants Company.
Resolution 110
Bishop Debora A. Morris
Resolution 109
150th anniversary of the Fratellanza Society
Resolution 108
Most Worshipful Prince Hall Grand Lodge of Missouri
Resolution 107
Bishop Charlie Green, Jr.
Resolution 106
Dakota Access Pipeline and we call on all residents of the City
Resolution 105
UniverSoul Circus
Resolution 104
Ms. Betty Ann Konersman Tighe
Resolution 103
Mr. Kevin James Gordon
Resolution 102
Ms. Dorothy Barnes
Resolution 101
Ms. Sadie Parson
Resolution 100
Living Legend Ms. Bobbie Dolores Gotiear
Resolution 99
St. John Missionary Baptist Church Outreach Ministry, St. John House of Hope
Resolution 98
Thomas C. Person
Resolution 97
Consul Giuseppe
Resolution 96
Major General Cassie Strom (Ret.)
Resolution 95
Loura Gilbert
Resolution 94
Gwendolyn DeVoe
Resolution 93
Farrell W. Chatwell
Resolution 92
The Second Annual Thousand Women March and Community Fair
Resolution 91
Curtis Davis
Resolution 90
Kingdom Destiny Fellowship International and its founder, Bishop D. Demond Robinson
Resolution 89
Lt. Edward Harper
Resolution 88
Ms. Charlie Mae James
Resolution 87
Mr Fred and Sarah Jones
Resolution 86
Subpoena power concerning the granting permits to build and operate a gas station
Resolution 85
Biophilic Cities Network
Resolution 84
the 100th Anniversary of the Freeman Family migration to St. Louis.
Resolution 83
Rosalie Garavaglia LaGates on her retirement.
Resolution 82
Fr, James Werth (St. Wenceslaus Catholic Church)
Resolution 81
Rev. Rodney Francis
Resolution 80
Byron Seymour
Resolution 79
Mr. Orville Kirk Sr.
Resolution 78
Evelyn Hare
Resolution 77
Lt. Colonel Lonneal Richardson
Resolution 76
Zy’Ron Wade.
Resolution 75
Pride St. Louis
Resolution 74
Governor Jay Nixon to veto Senate Bill 656.
Resolution 73
Elaine Harris Spearman
Resolution 72
Metropolitan St. Louis Psychiatric Center Auxiliary on this 65th Anniversary “Sapphire Gala”
Resolution 71
Mrs. Jeanne Gore
Resolution 70
NeishaThurman and Dutchess Brand as heroes.
Resolution 69
Brenda Clayton Davis
Resolution 68
Michelle Tucker
Resolution 67
Kathy Walker
Resolution 66
Tonja Sesley-Baymon
Resolution 65
Marsha Rusnack
Resolution 64
Linda Harris
Resolution 63
Stacy M. Edwards
Resolution 62
Cheryl Jones
Resolution 61
Spradley Dunn
Resolution 60
Jamala Rogers
Resolution 59
Judy Bentley
Resolution 58
Sharon Price
Resolution 57
Melba Moore
Resolution 56
Mary Wilson
Resolution 55
Rock The Community and The Social Newspaper
Resolution 54
Muhammad Ali
Resolution 53
Homer G. Phillips School of Nursing Class of 1966
Resolution 52
Police Sergeant Michael J. Regan
Resolution 51
STC Warehouse Inc. Enhanced Enterprise Zone
Resolution 50
Italgrani Elevator Co. Enhanced Enterprise Zone
Resolution 49
Enterprise Zone for 5051 Southwest LLC
Resolution 48
June Anderson Mullen
Resolution 47
Robert T. Smith “Piano Slim”
Resolution 46
James (S.L.I.M.) Cunningham.
Resolution 45
Italian Republic
Resolution 44
Heat Up St Louis
Resolution 43
Womens and social justice issues
Resolution 42
Josephine Fletcher-Agee
Resolution 41
Biddle House
Resolution 40
36th Annual Older American's Month.
Resolution 39
Innovative Concept Academy
Resolution 38
Eva Rose Magnotti-McNamee
Resolution 37
William Wirtel
Resolution 36
Neighborhood Parks Capital Improvements Account Ord. 67477. The Parks Committee Approved this resolution. No action by the full Board was necessary.
Resolution 35
Neighborhood Parks Capital Improvements Account Ord. 69372. The Parks Committee Approved this resolution. No action by the full Board was necessary.
Resolution 34
Neighborhood Parks Capital Improvements Account Ord. 64994. The Parks Committee Approved this resolution. No action by the full Board was necessary.
Resolution 33
Tower Grove Baptist Church on its 125 years.
Resolution 32
Breath of Life Christian Fellowship Church
Resolution 31
Reverend Leo J. Spezia
Resolution 30
the International Association of Black Professional Firefighters.
Resolution 29
passing of Adonix Reddick.
Resolution 28
passing of Frank Williamson, Sr.
Resolution 27
Rusty Watson
Resolution 26
Delta Sigma Theta Sorority.
Resolution 25
Neighborhood Leadership Academy Class of 2015
Resolution 24
Neighborhood Leadership Academy Class of 2014
Resolution 23
Charles Quincy Troupe
Resolution 22
President's Supreme Court nominee
Resolution 21
Earnings Tax
Resolution 20
Claudio Petrone National Team of Student Robotics.
Resolution 19
Michelee Affinito National Team of Student Robotics.
Resolution 18
Luigi Ferraiuolol Italian National Team of Student Robotics
Resolution 17
Italian National Team of Student Robotics
Resolution 16
Joshua Temple.
Resolution 15
Worlds Fare Festival
Resolution 14
Enterprise Zone for Guarantee Electrical Company.
Resolution 13
Bishop Elect Floyd Williams, Jr
Resolution 12
Dr. Nancy Phillips
Resolution 11
Tower Grove South Concerned Citizens Business District Budget. The resolution was not adopted.
Resolution 10
Ernest and Marie Bailey
Resolution 9
Samuel J. Rachas
Resolution 8
Officer Corey Zinkl
Resolution 7
Walter Hampton
Resolution 6
William Hampton
Resolution 5
Land & Water Conservation Fund
Resolution 4
Expense allowance in the amount of Three Hundred Fifty Dollars
Resolution 3
Journal of the Board for the 2016-2017
Resolution 2
Ordinance to hire staff for the 2016-2017 Session
Resolution 1
Rules of the Board 2016-2017

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