STL Partner Airlines Agree to Over $331 Million in New Projects

This will allow STL to move forward on several key initiatives

October 4, 2023 | 2 min reading time

STL’s signatory airlines have agreed to help fund airport projects that will total an estimated $331,644,000. The projects include the following:

  1. Design of a new central utility plant (CUP)
  2. Construction of the new CUP
  3. Relocation of Airfield Maintenance
  4. Design and construction of a new West deicing pad
  5. Demolition of the vacant Air National Guard Complex
  6. Executive Program Management (EPM) Services
  7. Program Management Services

“These projects will modernize part of our current airport infrastructure,” says STL Airport Director Rhonda Hamm-Niebruegge. “These projects will allow the airport to move forward on a number of initiatives highlighted in our Master Plan (MP). It will make our airport more adaptable to the future needs of this industry.”

A new CUP will give STL updated mechanical and electrical systems. Much of the existing facility dates back to the original construction of Terminal 1 (T1 opened in 1956). A CUP houses all primary mechanical and electrical systems that support the operation of an airport. These systems include power distribution, water, air conditioning, chillers, boilers, main pumps, air compressors and other systems.

The current airfield maintenance (AFM) campus dates back to construction started in the 1960s. The campus is also located in a flood-prone area. This puts existing buildings and equipment at a greater risk for water damage. Furthermore, the present structures cannot accommodate the maintenance or sheltering of today’s modern airfield maintenance equipment.

Once the AFM campus is moved, it will allow STL the opportunity to develop a west deicing pad. This deicing pad is essential at STL to accommodate the airport’s need to more safely and efficiently deice aircraft during the winter season.   

Demolition and removal of the abandoned Missouri Air National Guard (MoANG) complex will allow STL to decrease the costs needed to maintain an unoccupied and aging facility. The complex is located on STL’s airfield side.

Finally, acquiring both EPM and program management services for STL will enhance staff for the projects listed in this release. These augmented employees will be placed into STL’s Planning and Development Department and will support the airport’s team in organizing and implementing these projects over the next several years.  

The agreed upon projects are the result of STL’s Master Plan (MP). In May 2023, the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) approved an updated Airport MP for St. Louis Lambert International Airport. An MP allows airports to make informed decisions on potential development and be in the best possible position to address the future needs of their passengers. 

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