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The 2019-2020 Board of Aldermen Session ends on April 20

March 13, 2020 | 2 min reading time

Today was the last session before Spring Break for the Board of Aldermen. The Board of Aldermen will return on Monday, April 20 for Sine Die (Last Day of Session).

Below is a brief legislative update on some of the Board Bills that have been passed or are in motion to pass this session at the Board of Aldermen. 

Board Bill 116  
Board Bill 116 is an ordinance authorizing the Police Commissioner to make a contract on behalf of the City of St. Louis with St. Louis County allowing St. Louis County to provide police services on MetroLink Property within the city limits of the City of St. Louis, including exercising powers of arrest for criminal offenses and violations of the ordinances of the City of St. Louis the same as possessed by the police officers of the City of St. Louis, and with the same immunity as if acting within St. Louis County, and containing an Emergency Clause. 

Board Bill 172
Board Bill 172 creates a municipal ordinance violation of Unlawful Possession of a Handgun by a Minor under the age of 18 years. While the State of Missouri preempts most of the field of gun regulation, this bill seeks to take advantage of the federal law prohibiting, except in certain exempted circumstances, a juvenile from possessing a handgun, and to create a regulation to enforce this prohibition that is consistent with regulation allowed by state statute. This bill includes a Penalty provision for violation which is not to exceed $500.00 in fines, and/or 30 days incarceration. This bill is an exercise of the police power of the City of St. Louis with the goal of improving safety for all, creating a new tool to use against gun violence, and averting future problems by addressing gun possession by minors. This bill should have a positive impact on the community. 

Board Bill 227
Board Bill 227 regulates the storage, transportation, and disposal of waste tires. It requires waste tire haulers, waste tire processing facilities, establishments and businesses storing more than ten waste tires for periods greater than fifteen days to certain regulations. The bill provides penalties for violations. 

Board Bill 215 and 216
Board Bill 215 and 216 are companion bills that authorized the redevelopment plan for the MLS Soccer Stadium project. The project consists of a 22,500 seat stadium; team offices; practice fields; parking facilities; a newly-renovated Aloe Plaza West; and various street, sidewalk and utility improvements.

Board Bill 208CS
Board Bill 208CS updates the City's Environmental and Demolition ordinances to protect the health and welfare of those engaged in commercial demolition work within the City of St. Louis's limits as well as the public health of those who live and work near demolition sites and protect the citizenry from dangerous airborne contaminants. The bill also updates fees and penalties to achieve its goal. Read the bill here:
You can read more about these board bills and others here.

Watch all Board of Aldermen meetings online here.

Stay up-to-date with all Board of Aldermen news here. 


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