Board Bills | Session 2016-2017

Legislation introduced by Aldermen in the form of bills.

40 records
Board Bill Alderman Ordinance
BB 41
Vacation of the north/south alley at Davis, Michigan, Hurck, Virginia
Thomas A Villa
BB 40
Ordinance pertaining to drug related overdoses and medical assistance
Cara Spencer
BB 39
Ordinance pertaining to the organization of the administrative staff of the Board of Aldermen
Marlene E Davis
BB 38
Redevelopment plan for 2243 McNair
Jack Coatar
BB 37
Redevelopment plan for 2246 Shenandoah
Jack Coatar
BB 36
Program for monitoring the prescribing and dispensing of controlled substances
Lyda Krewson
BB 35
Redevelopment plan for 1600-1742 Washington
Tammika Hubbard
BB 34
Recreation Sales Tax Leasehold Revenue Refunding Bonds
Joseph Vaccaro
BB 33
Vacation of Shaw between Kingshighway by Vandeventer
Stephen Conway
BB 32
Establishing the Grand Center Area Two Community Improvement District
Marlene E Davis
BB 31
Redevelopment plan for 5859 DeGiverville
Frank Williamson
BB 30
Ordinance pertaining to vendors on the Wharf
Jack Coatar
BB 29
Ordinance amending the Redevelopment plan for Tower Grove East/Fox Park
Christine Ingrassia
BB 28
Redevelopment plan for 705 Olive
Jack Coatar
BB 27
Redevelopment plan for 400-421 S. 9th
Jack Coatar
BB 26
Establishing a 4-way stop at Sidney and McNair
Kenneth Ortmann
BB 25
Amending 32 North Euclid TIF
Joseph D Roddy
BB 24
Redevelopment plan for 2842 Ohio
Kenneth Ortmann
BB 23
Redevelopment plan for 2607 California
Christine Ingrassia
BB 22
Redevelopment plan for 1911 Utah
Kenneth Ortmann
BB 21
Ordinance pertaining to income exemption
Sharon Tyus
BB 20
Redevelopment plan for 3429 Missouri
Kenneth Ortmann
BB 19
Redevelopment plan for 2841 McNair
Kenneth Ortmann
BB 18
Repealing prohibition of liquor in Ward 22
Jeffrey L Boyd
BB 17
Redevelopment plan for 3657 Wyoming
Megan E. Green
BB 16
Redevelopment plan for 3835 Connecticut
Megan E. Green
BB 15
Redevelopment plan for 3332-3334 Missouri and 3310 Lemp
Kenneth Ortmann
BB 14
Redevelopment plan for 4104-4164 Detonty
Stephen Conway
BB 13
Redevelopment plan for 4030 Russell
Stephen Conway
BB 12
Redevelopment plan for 2324 Virginia
Christine Ingrassia
BB 11
Zoning change for Downtown and Lasalle
Jack Coatar
BB 10
Redevelopment plan for 1500-04 Salisbury
Freeman M Bosley Sr.
BB 9
2016 St. Louis Works and 50/50 Sidewalk Program
Freeman M Bosley Sr.
BB 8
Vacation of Wise between Kingshighway and Brother Thornton Way
Joseph D Roddy
BB 7
Ordinance pertaining to semi-trailer trucks
Cara Spencer
BB 6
Establishing 4-way stop at Oleatha/Prather
Joseph Vaccaro
BB 5
Repealing redevelopment plan for Lookaway Drive
Dionne Flowers
BB 4
Redevelopment plan for 4403 Gibson
Joseph D Roddy
BB 3
Establishing a Tire Code
Jeffrey L Boyd
BB 2
Airport Use and Lease
Lyda Krewson

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