Board Bills | Session 2017-2018

Legislation introduced by Aldermen in the form of bills.

37 records
Board Bill Alderman Ordinance
BB 37
Ordinance regarding Confederate Memorials
Sharon Tyus
BB 36
Basketball courts in Forest Park
Joseph Vaccaro
BB 35
Stolen car towing fee
Joseph Vaccaro
BB 34
Buffer zone for health care facilities
Christine Ingrassia
BB 33
Stop sign at Chippewa & Marine
Cara Spencer
BB 32
Vacation of alley at Papin, Sarah Chouteau, and Talmage
Joseph D Roddy
BB 31
Ordinance to Join Clean Energy Act
Joseph Vaccaro
BB 30
Ordinance establishing 3-way stop at Taylor and Kennerly
Samuel L Moore
BB 29
Lease agreement with Ameren - Mo
Marlene E Davis
BB 28
Concession agreement with Air Pod Terminal Services
Marlene E Davis
BB 27
Lease agreement Enterprise Leasing
Marlene E Davis
BB 26
Zoning change for 2809-2811-13 Magnolia
Christine Ingrassia
BB 25
Rezoning 2801-2803 Magnolia
Christine Ingrassia
BB 24
Vacation of the alley at Penrose, Broadway, Angelica and I-70
Dionne Flowers
BB 23
Redevelopment plan for 4443 Oakland
Joseph D Roddy
BB 22
Redevelopment plan for 4401 Gibson
Joseph D Roddy
BB 21
Redevelopment plan for 4427 Chouteau
Joseph D Roddy
BB 20
Redevelopment plan for 1301-03 S. Boyle
Joseph D Roddy
BB 19
Redevelopment plan for 3827 Shaw Blvd
Marlene E Davis
BB 18
City Foundry TIF Note
Joseph D Roddy
BB 17
Street name change between Semple & Arlington to Rev. Reginald D. Rogers
Jeffrey L Boyd
BB 16
Establishing three-way stop at Berthold and Graham
Scott Ogilvie
BB 15
Establishing three-way stop at Hoffman and Clifton
Scott Ogilvie
BB 14
Citizen Commission Reduction/Reformation of the Board of Aldermen
Shane Cohn
BB 13
Ordinance establishing Neosho & Adkins 3-way stop
Carol Howard
BB 12
Tax and Revenue Anticipation Notes (TRANS)
Stephen Conway
BB 11
Tax incentive for real estate development
Lewis E Reed
BB 10
Liquor Moratorium in Ward 1
Sharon Tyus
BB 9
Ordinance requiring reporting on solitary confinement
Joseph Vaccaro
BB 8
Dutchtown CID
Shane Cohn
BB 7
Establishing Lighthouse St. Louis Area Special Use District
Dionne Flowers
BB 6
Rezoning 11050 and 11110 Riverview
Dionne Flowers
BB 5
Text to amend Zoning Code
Jack Coatar
BB 4
Rezoning of 6510 Mitchell
Scott Ogilvie
BB 3
Sale of 3699 Market Street
Joseph D Roddy
BB 2
Airport 2007 Refunding Bonds
Marlene E Davis
BB 1
Budget FY 17/18
Lewis E Reed

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