Board Bills | Session 2016-2017

Legislation introduced by Aldermen in the form of bills.

309 records
Board Bill Alderman Ordinance
BB 309
Ordinance prohibiting the use of alleys by operators of motor vehicles for drive through traffic
Sharon Tyus
BB 308
Ordinance pursuant to Police Division Sergeant Bargaining Unit
Jack Coatar
BB 307
Ordinance pertaining to witness tampering
Kenneth Ortmann
BB 306
Ordinance amending Civilian Oversight Board
Terry Kennedy
BB 305
Ordinance approving minority & women owned business program
Terry Kennedy
BB 304
Lease 5th District Police Station to Sun Ministries
Freeman M Bosley Sr.
BB 303
50/50 Sidewalk
Freeman M Bosley Sr.
BB 302
Municipal Court operations
Jack Coatar
BB 301
Zoning change on 4547, 4901, 4903, 4905, 4909 Geraldine
Sharon Tyus
BB 300
Kings Oak CID
Joseph D Roddy
BB 299
Jefferson Arms TIF Note
Tammika Hubbard
BB 298
Jefferson Arms TIF Agreement
Tammika Hubbard
BB 297
Jefferson Arms TIF Plan
Tammika Hubbard
BB 296
Zoning change for 4967-71 Palm
Sharon Tyus
BB 295
Conversion Therapy
Christine Ingrassia
BB 294
Ordinance prohibiting the use of smokeless tobacco at sporting events
Dionne Flowers
BB 293
Redevelopment plan for 2232-2256 S. Grand
Christine Ingrassia
BB 292
Ordinance pertaining to preventing passage to and from a health care facility
Christine Ingrassia
BB 291
amendment to Entertainment License Tax
Christine Ingrassia
BB 290
MLS Stadium Financing Agreement
Christine Ingrassia
BB 289
Armory CID
Joseph D Roddy
BB 288
Amendment to Carondelet Coke Redevelopment Project
Thomas A Villa
BB 287
Assistance to local election authorities
Jeffrey L Boyd
BB 286
Armory TIF Agreement
Joseph D Roddy
BB 285
Armory TIF Plan
Joseph D Roddy
BB 284
Cortex TIF 4th Supplemental Indenture
Joseph D Roddy
BB 283
Cortex TIF 3rd Supplemental Indenture
Joseph D Roddy
BB 282
Cortex TIF Agreement
Joseph D Roddy
BB 281
Cortex TIF Plan
Joseph D Roddy
BB 280
Northgate TIF Note
Lyda Krewson
BB 279
Northgate TIF Agreement
Lyda Krewson
BB 278
Northgate TIF Plan
Lyda Krewson
BB 277
Tammika Hubbard
BB 276
Healthworks TIF Note
Tammika Hubbard
BB 275
Healthworks Parcel Development Ageement
Tammika Hubbard
BB 274
Redevelopment plan for 5214 Wilson
Joseph Vollmer
BB 273
Redevelopment plan for 5217 Botanical
Joseph Vollmer
BB 272
Redevelopment plan for 6201 Delmar
Lyda Krewson
BB 271
Amend blighting plan or 11th, Clark, 8th, Poplar
Jack Coatar
BB 270
Solid Waste Service
Freeman M Bosley Sr.
BB 269
Forsyth Associates CID
Marlene E Davis
BB 268
Chouteau - Newstead Parking District
Joseph D Roddy 70457
BB 267
Ordinance pertaining to City Housing Conservation Program
Jack Coatar 70456
BB 266
vacation of alley at St. Louis Avenue, 22nd, Cass, Jefferson
Freeman M Bosley Sr.
BB 265
vacation of alley at Kraft, Wise, Louisville, Park,
Scott Ogilvie
BB 264
vacation of alley at Dr. Martin Luther King Drive, 20th, Delmar, 21st
Marlene E Davis
BB 263
vacation of alley at N. Market, 19th, Maiden Lane, 20th
Joseph D Roddy
BB 262
vacation of alley at Delmar, 14th, Lucas, 15th
Tammika Hubbard
BB 261
Domestic violence leave bill
Megan E. Green
BB 260
Establishing charity bail fund
Terry Kennedy
BB 259
2015 Fire Operation and Safety Grant
Terry Kennedy
BB 258
501 Olive CID
Jack Coatar 70455
BB 257
Choice Implementation Grant Bill
Tammika Hubbard 70440
BB 256
Agreement with BLAC, Bi-National Gateway, & St. Louis
Lyda Krewson 70454
BB 255
2nd lease agreement with Jet Linx St Louis LLC
Lyda Krewson 70453
BB 254
Property sale to Metropolitan Missionary Baptist Church LLC
Lyda Krewson 70452
BB 253
Property sale to City of Kinloch
Lyda Krewson 70451
BB 252
Zoning change for 3627 & 3635 S. Jefferson
Cara Spencer
BB 251
Zoning change for 1322-32 Dolman
Jack Coatar
BB 250
Loughborough Commons TIF Refunding
Thomas A Villa
BB 249
Police Series 2009 Juvenile Series 2008B Bonds
Stephen Conway
BB 248
Convention Center Series 2009 Refunding Bonds
Stephen Conway
BB 247
Justice Center Series 2005 Refunding Bonds
Stephen Conway
BB 246
Scott Trade Center Bill
Lewis E Reed 70473
BB 245
Close traffic on Enright and Sarah
Terry Kennedy
BB 244
Four-way stop site at the intersection of Field Avenue and Blow Street
Larry Arnowitz
BB 243
Redevelopment plan for 4137 Virginia
Shane Cohn
BB 242
Redevelopment plan for 3901-3905 Shaw and 3866-3868, 3900-3904 Detonty St.
Stephen Conway 70472
BB 241
Redevelopment plan for 2720 Indiana
Kenneth Ortmann 70471
BB 240
Redevelopment plan for 1828 Victor
Kenneth Ortmann 70470
BB 239
Redevelopment plan for 5814 West Park
Scott Ogilvie 70469
BB 238
Redevelopment plan for Chippewa Park Scattered Sites
Cara Spencer 70468
BB 237
Redevelopment plan for 3305 Winnebago St.
Cara Spencer 70467
BB 236
Redevelopment plan for 1302-24, 1314 R Russell Blvd & 2128 Dolman St.
Jack Coatar 70466
BB 235
Redevelopment plan for 100 N. Kingshighway
Joseph D Roddy
BB 234
Redevelopment plan for 4140 & 4145 Park Ave.
Joseph D Roddy 70465
BB 233
Redevelopment plan for 4101-4117 Manchester
Joseph D Roddy 70464
BB 232
Redevelopment plan for 1519 Tower Grove Avenue
Joseph D Roddy 70463
BB 231
Redevelopment plan for 4485 Westminster Place
Lyda Krewson
BB 230
Redevelopment plan for 5092 Milentz
Beth Murphy 70462
BB 229
Ordinance establishing the Cherokee Street CID
Kenneth Ortmann 70461
BB 228
Redevelopment plan for 5006-5030 Daggett
Joseph Vollmer 70477
BB 227
Economic Development Sales Tax to fund MetroLink expansion
Christine Ingrassia 70435
BB 226
Use Tax to Help Fund Soccer Stadium
Christine Ingrassia 70434
BB 225
Circuit Attorney pay bill
Frank Williamson 70450
BB 224
Vacation of Sublette from Wise southward
Joseph D Roddy
BB 223
Vacation of alley at Samuel Shepard, Leonard, Washington, Josephine Baker
Marlene E Davis
BB 222
Establishing tax for the North Central Special Business District
Terry Kennedy
BB 221
Establishing North Central Special Business District
Terry Kennedy
BB 220
Whistleblower ordinance
Frank Williamson
BB 219
Affirmative action included in Collective Barganing Agreement
Frank Williamson
BB 218
Revision to Greater Ville Special Use District (zoning)
Samuel L Moore 70449
BB 217
City resident job applicant bill
Frank Williamson
BB 216
Zoning change for Deaconess Foundation
Terry Kennedy 70448
BB 215
Zoning change for 5006-30 Daggett
Joseph Vollmer 70476
BB 214
Cargo city lease agreement with Southwest Airlines
Lyda Krewson 70447
BB 213
Transfer of funds from Airport Stabilization Fund to Airport Revenue Fund
Lyda Krewson 70446
BB 212
vacation of alley at Kemper from Hereford westwardly
Joseph Vollmer
BB 211
vacation of alley at Lombard, 3rd, Chouteau, 4th
Jack Coatar
BB 210
vacation of alley at Papin, Tucker, Chouteau, 13th
Jack Coatar
BB 209
vacation of alley at Hickory, Grand, Rutger, Spring
Joseph D Roddy
BB 208
vacation of alley at LaSalle, Motard, Hickory & Spring
Joseph D Roddy
BB 207
vacation of Rutger from Grand westward
Joseph D Roddy
BB 206
Ordinance establishing a stop site on Mardel Avenue
Joseph Vaccaro
BB 205
Ordinance establishing Building Energy Awareness
Jack Coatar
BB 204
Ordinance establishing a stop site on Indiana and Pestalozzi
Kenneth Ortmann
BB 203
Ordinance regarding pregnancy and reproductive health decisions as protected classes
Megan E. Green 70459
BB 202
Ordinance designating 2800 block of Finney as Rev. Dr. Jimmy L. Brown St.
Marlene E Davis
BB 201
Ordinance designating 2800 block of Cool Papa Bell as Pastor Jerry Hodges Street
Marlene E Davis
BB 200
Repealing ordinance 69589 Liquor Moratorium in 19th Ward
Marlene E Davis 70445
BB 199
Redevelopment agreement for City Foundry TIF
Joseph D Roddy 70432
BB 198
Ordinance approving the use of TIF for City Foundry St. Louis
Joseph D Roddy 70431
BB 197
St. Louis Midtown Redevelopment Plan
Marlene E Davis 70428
BB 196
Unattended firearms lock-up requirement and reporting of stolen firearms
Lyda Krewson
BB 195
Assault weapons ban
Lyda Krewson
BB 194
Redevelopment plan for 2901-2909 Indiana
Kenneth Ortmann 70427
BB 193
Redevelopment plan for 3400 Meramec
Shane Cohn 70426
BB 192
Ordinance requiring reporting on solitary confinement
Joseph Vaccaro
BB 191
Zoning change for Russell Blvd. Apartments
Jack Coatar 70444
BB 190
Zoning change for 4650 Hampton
Donna Baringer 70443
BB 189
Zoning change for 2601 Dayton
Freeman M Bosley Sr. 70442
BB 188
First amendment to Wine Concession Agreement
Lyda Krewson 70412
BB 187
Ordinance authorizing project for Lambert Airport road traffic flow
Lyda Krewson 70411
BB 186
Ordinance establishing airfield, building and environs project
Lyda Krewson 70410
BB 185
Authorizing transfer from Airport's Debt Service Stabilization Fund
Lyda Krewson 70409
BB 184
Ordinance terminating a Modesta Development Plan
Joseph D Roddy 70408
BB 183
Ordinance to terminate LaSalle & N. Kingshighway TIF
Joseph D Roddy 70407
BB 182
Ordinance to terminate Grand & Shenandoah TIF
Joseph D Roddy 70406
BB 181
Ordinance prohibiting liquor in 18th Ward
Terry Kennedy 70402
BB 180
Redevelopment plan for 6654-56 Mitchell
Scott Ogilvie 70425
BB 179
Liquor moratorium in 19th Ward
Marlene E Davis 70401
BB 178
Redevelopment plan for 2920 Cherokee
Cara Spencer 70424
BB 177
Redevelopment plan for 501-09 Olive & 303 N. Broadway
Jack Coatar 70423
BB 176
Redevelopment plan for 916-26 Talmage & 4307 Chouteau
Joseph D Roddy 70422
BB 175
Redevelopment plan for 4398 Chouteau
Joseph D Roddy 70421
BB 174
Ordinance determining TIF plans making satisfactory progress
Joseph D Roddy
BB 173
Agreement with MSD regarding water data
Antonio D French
BB 172
Ordinance amending development agreement regarding Ballpark Village
Jack Coatar 70420
BB 171
Ordinance pertaining to water rates
Antonio D French
BB 170
Raising the age to 21 for sales of alternative nicotine products
Dionne Flowers 70400
BB 169
Raising the age to 21 for sales of nicotine products
Dionne Flowers 70399
BB 168
99 year lease for 1901 Penrose to Sun Ministries
Freeman M Bosley Sr. 70419
BB 167
Establishing a 4-way stop at Nebraska and Itaska
Kenneth Ortmann 70398
BB 166
Closing Mt. Pleasant at west side of Broadway
Kenneth Ortmann 70397
BB 165
Ordinance pertaining to workforce inclusion
Antonio D French
BB 164
Charter amendment abolishing the Recorder of Deeds Office
Lewis E Reed
BB 163
Charter amendment regarding the Assessor
Joseph Vaccaro
BB 162
Loan agreement to fund Energy Loan Program
Freeman M Bosley Sr. 70396
BB 161
Intergovernmental agreement to fund discounted transit passes for those in need
Lyda Krewson
BB 160
Amending Northeast Hampton, I-44 TIF
Joseph Vollmer 70403
BB 159
Redevelopment plan for 2861 Lemp
Kenneth Ortmann 70418
BB 158
Redevelopment plan for 3006 Missouri
Kenneth Ortmann 70417
BB 157
Redevelopment plan for 3442 Missouri
Kenneth Ortmann 70416
BB 156
Redevelopment plan for 4050 Detonty
Stephen Conway 70430
BB 155
Redevelopment plan for 4112 Flad
Stephen Conway
BB 154
Redevelopment plan for 3530 Wyoming
Stephen Conway 70415
BB 153
luggage cart rental concession agrmt
Lyda Krewson 70405
BB 152
Online posting of notices
Lewis E Reed
BB 151
Amending Public Nuisances Code
Megan E. Green 70390
BB 150
Tucker and Cass CID
Tammika Hubbard 70384
BB 149
Greenleaf TIF note
Tammika Hubbard 70389
BB 148
Street name change to George and Sandy Grbac Lane
Stephen Conway 70395
BB 147
Street name change to Barbara Beck Blvd
Stephen Conway 70394
BB 146
Grant for continuum of care homeless assistance
Dionne Flowers 70388
BB 145
Grant for re-entry services
Dionne Flowers 70381
BB 144
Parking at City Hall
Antonio D French
BB 143
Basketball courts in Forest Park
Antonio D French
BB 142
Barring tractor-trailer traffic on a section of Morganford
Megan E. Green 70441
BB 141
Redevelopment plan for 2926-36 Locust
Marlene E Davis 70378
BB 140
Parking Division Pay Bill
Frank Williamson
BB 139
Treasurers Office Pay Bill
Frank Williamson
BB 138
Redevelopment plan for Fox Park/ Benton Park West
Christine Ingrassia 70377
BB 137
Redevelopment plan for 2217 Locust Ave.
Christine Ingrassia 70387
BB 136
Block Grant Bill
Joseph D Roddy 70380
BB 135
Redevelopment plan for 6718 Dale
Scott Ogilvie 70376
BB 134
Redevelopment plan for 6635-45 Clayton
Scott Ogilvie
BB 133
Redevelopment plan for 1615 Hampton
Scott Ogilvie 70375
BB 132
Establishing a public works project for Tower Grove Pk Neighborhood Access Enhancement
Stephen Conway 70393
BB 131
Redevelopment plan for 4230 Chouteau and 4247 & 4335 Arco
Joseph D Roddy 70374
BB 130
Redevelopment plan for 1211 Tower Grove
Joseph D Roddy 70373
BB 129
Redevelopment plan for 4311, 15, 45 and 58 Hunt
Joseph D Roddy 70372
BB 128
Redevelopment plan for 4176 Manchester
Joseph D Roddy 70371
BB 127
Ordinance to establish the Bevo CID
Carol Howard 70353
BB 126
Travel reporting bill
Donna Baringer 70379
BB 125
Ordinance amending Mill Creek Valley Redevelopment Plan
Christine Ingrassia 70386
BB 124
Redevelopment plan for 5766 Pershing
Lyda Krewson 70370
BB 123
Redevelopment plan for 2212-30 Shenandoah
Jack Coatar 70369
BB 122
Redevelopment plan for 2329 Ann
Jack Coatar 70368
BB 121
Amending redevelopment plan for Chouteau/Sarah/Papin/
Joseph D Roddy 70414
BB 120
Redevelopment plan for 5804-08 Westminster Pl.
Frank Williamson 70367
BB 119
Redevelopment plan for 4308-4324 Dr. Martin Luther King
Samuel L Moore 70385
BB 118
Redevelopment plan for 3858 Bamberger
Shane Cohn 70366
BB 117
Redevelopment plan for 3942 Flad
Stephen Conway 70365
BB 116
Redevelopment plan for 5214 Daggett
Joseph Vollmer 70364
BB 115
Redevelopment plan for 5378-5390 Southwest
Joseph Vollmer 70363
BB 114
Redevelopment plan for 3425 Magnolia
Christine Ingrassia 70362
BB 113
Redevelopment plan for 2723 Allen
Christine Ingrassia 70361
BB 112
Redevelopment plan for 2000-2002 Wyoming
Kenneth Ortmann 70360
BB 111
permitting appointed members of the Civilian Oversight Board to park, without payment of fees, at any parking meter
Terry Kennedy
BB 110
Zoning Change 1315-39 S. Grand & 3632 Rutger, 3656 Hickory and 1101 & 1121-27 S. Grand,1126 Motard
Joseph D Roddy 70383
BB 109
Missouri Clean Energy District
Lyda Krewson
BB 108
Chris Carter 70359
BB 107
Marlene E Davis 70382
BB 106
General Obligation Bonds
Stephen Conway 70356
BB 105
naming the real property at the south-southwest intersection of Gravois and Morganford Road
Carol Howard 70355
BB 104
Name Change of public airport/landing field
Lyda Krewson 70358
BB 103
stop site for all northbound and southbound traffic on Sulphur at Potomac
Joseph Vaccaro 70354
BB 102
Quit Claim Deed City Block 661E
Dionne Flowers 70458
BB 101
Quit Claim Deed 6001-7 Persing Avenue
Lyda Krewson 70413
BB 100
Extension of agreement with Hallmark Hotels
Stephen Conway 70460
BB 99
Ordinance relating to Office of Recorder of Deeds
Larry Arnowitz 70336
BB 98
Ordinance pertaining to court fees
Jeffrey L Boyd
BB 97
Ordinance to close traffic at Terry & Kingshighway
Sharon Tyus 70344
BB 96
Ordinance to close traffic at Wabada west of Union
Sharon Tyus 70343
BB 95
Ordinance prohibiting the installation of any new pole signs
Sharon Tyus 70342
BB 94
4-way stop at Walsh & Clifton
Donna Baringer 70335
BB 93
Ordinance authorizing Parcel Development Agreement
Tammika Hubbard 70351
BB 92
Vacation of N/S alley at Terrance/Christy
Beth Murphy 70350
BB 91
Vacation of Barton & 7th Street
Jack Coatar 70334
BB 90
Ordinance establishing 3-way stop at Marquette & Prather
Joseph Vaccaro 70341
BB 89
Amending Civil Service Ordinance
Frank Williamson 70340
BB 88
Ordinance regarding Traffic Calming
Chris Carter 70333
BB 87
Redevelopment plan for Kosciusko Site
Jack Coatar 70332
BB 86
Redevelopment plan for 721 Victor
Jack Coatar 70331
BB 85
Ordinance pertaining to vendors
Sharon Tyus
BB 84
Honorarily designate 5000-5200 Lotus as Lou "Fatha" Thimes Ave
Sharon Tyus 70330
BB 83
Ordinance pertaining to commercial traffic
Sharon Tyus
BB 82
Ordinance to prohibit commercial curb cuts in 4900 block of Terry
Sharon Tyus
BB 81
Cooperation agreement regarding 705 Olive
Jack Coatar
BB 80
Zoning change for Laclede & Spring parcels
Joseph D Roddy 70352
BB 79
Redevelopment plan for 3944 Michigan
Cara Spencer 70329
BB 78
Redevelopment plan for 3839 Indiana
Cara Spencer 70328
BB 77
Redevelopment plan for 3637-51 Washington
Marlene E Davis 70327
BB 76
Redevelopment plan for 3935-37 Wyoming
Megan E. Green 70326
BB 75
Redevelopment plan for 801-25 Ann
Jack Coatar 70325
BB 74
Redevelopment plan for 3127 Shenandoah
Jack Coatar 70324
BB 73
Redevelopment plan for 3525 Illinois
Kenneth Ortmann 70323
BB 72
Delta Lease AL-016
Lyda Krewson 70345
BB 71
Southwest Lease AL-019
Lyda Krewson 70339
BB 70
Election Approving Permit Fees for Short-Term Loan Establishments
Cara Spencer 70392
BB 69
Short-Term Lending Code
Cara Spencer 70391
BB 68
Creation of East Loop CID
Lyda Krewson 70322
BB 67
Transparency in Government
Antonio D French 70321
BB 66
Ordinance pertaining to vending
Jack Coatar
BB 65
Civil Service Pay Bill
Frank Williamson 70285
BB 64
Vacation of 17th Street from Washington to St. Charles
Marlene E Davis 70315
BB 63
Fiscal Note Bill
Antonio D French 70404
BB 62
Quit Claim to LCRA properties on Cass, Madison & Maiden Lane
Tammika Hubbard 70320
BB 61
Redevelopment plan for 1501-09 Washington
Tammika Hubbard 70429
BB 60
Redevelopment plan for 1207-25 N. Grand and 3610-60 Page
Marlene E Davis 70319
BB 59
Bi-National Gateway Terminal
Lyda Krewson 70338
BB 58
Shoeshine Concession
Lyda Krewson 70337
BB 57
Ordinance calling for a proposal to levy property tax
Lewis E Reed 70314
BB 56
Redevelopment plan for 2105 Ann
Jack Coatar 70306
BB 55
Parking Division Budget
Freeman M Bosley Sr. 70312
BB 54
Ordinance banning lobbyist from the Board of Aldermen Chambers
Megan E. Green
BB 53
Ordinance pertaining to campaign contribution limits
Scott Ogilvie 70357
BB 52
Prohibiting liquor in 24th Ward
Scott Ogilvie 70282
BB 51
Establishing 4101 Laclede Community Improvement District
Joseph D Roddy 70310
BB 50
Ordinance to purchase 1212-18 & 1401 Central Industrial Drive
Joseph D Roddy 70280
BB 49
Fifth Amendment to the Memorandum of Agreement with BiState
Stephen Conway 70349
BB 48
Transportation Sales Tax 2016-2017
Stephen Conway 70348
BB 47
Transit Sales Tax - 1997
Stephen Conway 70347
BB 46
Transit Sales Tax - 1994
Stephen Conway 70346
BB 45
Amending tax abatement for Shepard Apartments Redevelopment Area
Marlene E Davis 70309
BB 44
Redevelopment plan for 3722 Tholozan
Megan E. Green 70305
BB 43
Redevelopment plan for 4227 Swan
Joseph D Roddy 70304
BB 42
Short Term Tax Revenue Anticipation Note
Stephen Conway 70281
BB 41
Vacation of the north/south alley at Davis, Michigan, Hurck, Virginia
Thomas A Villa 70318
BB 40
Ordinance pertaining to drug related overdoses and medical assistance
Cara Spencer 70311
BB 39
Ordinance pertaining to the organization of the administrative staff of the Board of Aldermen
Marlene E Davis
BB 38
Redevelopment plan for 2243 McNair
Jack Coatar 70303
BB 37
Redevelopment plan for 2246 Shenandoah
Jack Coatar 70302
BB 36
Program for monitoring the prescribing and dispensing of controlled substances
Lyda Krewson 70277
BB 35
Redevelopment plan for 1600-1742 Washington
Tammika Hubbard 70308
BB 34
Recreation Sales Tax Leasehold Revenue Refunding Bonds
Joseph Vaccaro 70279
BB 33
Vacation of Shaw between Kingshighway by Vandeventer
Stephen Conway 70317
BB 32
Establishing the Grand Center Area Two Community Improvement District
Marlene E Davis 70307
BB 31
Redevelopment plan for 5859 DeGiverville
Frank Williamson 70301
BB 30
Ordinance pertaining to vendors on the Wharf
Jack Coatar 70313
BB 29
Ordinance amending the Redevelopment plan for Tower Grove East/Fox Park
Christine Ingrassia 70300
BB 28
Redevelopment plan for 705 Olive
Jack Coatar 70316
BB 27
Redevelopment plan for 400-421 S. 9th
Jack Coatar
BB 26
Establishing a 4-way stop at Sidney and McNair
Kenneth Ortmann 70276
BB 25
Amending 32 North Euclid TIF
Joseph D Roddy 70299
BB 24
Redevelopment plan for 2842 Ohio
Kenneth Ortmann 70298
BB 23
Redevelopment plan for 2607 California
Christine Ingrassia
BB 22
Redevelopment plan for 1911 Utah
Kenneth Ortmann 70297
BB 21
Ordinance pertaining to income exemption
Sharon Tyus
BB 20
Redevelopment plan for 3429 Missouri
Kenneth Ortmann 70296
BB 19
Redevelopment plan for 2841 McNair
Kenneth Ortmann 70295
BB 18
Repealing prohibition of liquor in Ward 22
Jeffrey L Boyd 70284
BB 17
Redevelopment plan for 3657 Wyoming
Megan E. Green 70294
BB 16
Redevelopment plan for 3835 Connecticut
Megan E. Green 70293
BB 15
Redevelopment plan for 3332-3334 Missouri and 3310 Lemp
Kenneth Ortmann 70292
BB 14
Redevelopment plan for 4104-4164 Detonty
Stephen Conway 70291
BB 13
Redevelopment plan for 4030 Russell
Stephen Conway 70290
BB 12
Redevelopment plan for 2324 Virginia
Christine Ingrassia 70289
BB 11
Zoning change for Downtown and Lasalle
Jack Coatar 70286
BB 10
Redevelopment plan for 1500-04 Salisbury
Freeman M Bosley Sr. 70288
BB 9
2016 St. Louis Works and 50/50 Sidewalk Program
Freeman M Bosley Sr. 70283
BB 8
Vacation of Wise between Kingshighway and Brother Thornton Way
Joseph D Roddy 70278
BB 7
Ordinance pertaining to semi-trailer trucks
Cara Spencer 70275
BB 6
Establishing 4-way stop at Oleatha/Prather
Joseph Vaccaro 70274
BB 5
Repealing redevelopment plan for Lookaway Drive
Dionne Flowers
BB 4
Redevelopment plan for 4403 Gibson
Joseph D Roddy 70287
BB 3
Establishing a Tire Code
Jeffrey L Boyd
BB 2
Airport Use and Lease
Lyda Krewson 70273
BB 1
Budget FY 16-17
Lewis E Reed 70272

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