Capital Committee

Capital Committee of the Budget Division


The City of St. Louis established its Capital Fund and policies and procedures for capital improvements planning and budgeting through ordinance passed in 1987 and amended in 1989. The ordinance charges the Budget Division, in conjunction with the Capital Committee, with the responsibility of preparing a five-year Capital Improvements Plan (CIP) each fiscal year.

The Capital Committee, established by ordinance, is responsible for reviewing and assessing capital needs, and developing and recommending the CIP and corresponding capital budgets. 

Meeting Materials

Meeting agendas and documents presented during the meetings are listed here. Meeting minutes are listed below. 

Capital Committee Meeting April 2 2024 agenda
Capital Committee Meeting March 22, 2024
Capital Committee Meeting March 19 2024 Agenda
Citizens' Advisory Committee February 29 2024
Citizens Advisory Committee Feb 22 2024
Citizens' Advisory Committee for Capital Expenditures Feb 13 14
Citizens' Advisory Committee for Capital Expenditures Feb 7 24
Capital Committee Meeting 2/1/24
Capital Committee Meeting March 29, 2023
Capital Committee Meeting January 6 2023 agenda
Capital Committee Meeting January 3, 2023
12-20-22 Capital Committee Meeting
12-12-22 Capital Committee Meeting
11-16-22 Citizens' Advisory Committee Meeting
11-9-22 Citizens' Advisory Committee Meeting

Capital Committee Members

  • Paul W. Payne, Budget Director, Chairperson
  • Cristina Garmendia, President of the Board of Aldermen Designee
  • Alderwoman Anne Schweitzer, Board of Aldermen Designee
  • Nancy Cross, Mayor Designee
  • Judy Armstrong, Comptroller Designee
  • Nodric Tankins, Comptroller Designee
  • Nahuel Fefer, Community Development Agency Director
  • Richard Bradley, President, Board of Public Service
  • Alderwoman Cara Spencer, Budget and Public Employees Committee

2024 Citizens' Advisory Committee Appointees

Members as of February 21, 2024


  • Leroy Grant    
  • Linda Hayes-Smith
  • Michele Perry-Williams
  • Lillie Green


  • David Newburger
  • Michael Woods


  • Brian Belgeri   
  • Michael Powers
  • Katy Shackelford

WARD 1 - Alderwoman Anne Schweitzer

  • John Mullet
  • Ivey March

WARD 2 - Alderman Tom Oldenburg

  • William Lieberman
  • Nick Kimble

WARD 3 - Alderman Shane Cohn

  • Dallas N. Adams    
  • James Sykes 

WARD 6 - Alderwoman Daniela Velazquez

  • Kimberly McKinney

WARD 07 - Alderwoman Alisha Sonnier

  • Jon Paul Johnson      
  • Malik Lendell

WARD 09 - Alderman Michael Browning

  • Saumik Narayanan      

WARD 13 - Alderwoman Pamela Boyd  

  • Keith Crawford      

WARD 14 - Alderman Rasheen Aldridge

  • Todd Irons-El
  • Denis Beganovic    


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