Veterinarian Vaccination Tag Registration

Veterinarian offices can use this form to register vaccination tags with the Department of Health

Note that this form is for veterinarian office use only. For the public, learn how to register and obtain a license for your pet.

Check On a Case

If you have already submitted a case, you can check on the status of your case here.

Registration or Vaccination Number (8-digits)

Owner's Information

The pet owner's first name.

The pet owner's middle name.

The pet owner's last name.

The pet owner's house number, street name, and unit

Animal's Information

Is the Animal Spayed/Neutered?

Provider's Information

Please enter the veterinarian number.

Provide the clinic number, or, if you aren't a pre-registered clinic, fill out the full clinic contact information.

The clinic's street number, street name, and unit


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