Hot Weather Tips

Stay safe in hot weather.

June 7, 2011 | 2 min reading time


  1. Make a plan that includes ways to contact one another and check on relatives who live alone. Know where to take shelter.                        
  2. Prepare an emergency kit with water, a battery-powered radio, non perishable foods and first aid supplies. 
  3. Listen for information about what to do and where to go during an emergency.

Other Tips:

  • Stay in the coolest place available. If outdoors stay in the shade. If indoors use an air conditioner if possible.  
  • When temperatures are above 95º F, go to air-conditioned public places if you don’t have air conditioning at home, even if you don’t feel overly hot.  
  • Drink plenty of cool water. Avoid alcohol and caffeine.  
  • Eat light. Limit cooking to keep indoor temperatures lower. 
  • Dress in loose fitting, lightweight and light-colored clothing. Wear a hat to protect your head from the sun. 
  • Bathe or shower frequently using cool water. 
  • Limit activity in the middle of the day when temperatures are hottest. 
  • Do not increase salt or potassium intake without consulting your MD.  
  • Check all medications with your pharmacist for increased risk of heat related illness.                                       
  • If you feel unusually weak, dizzy, or confused, call your MD or 911. 
  • Check on elderly or chronically ill relatives, neighbors, and friends.


Summer Safety for Pets

  • Provide plenty of shade for outdoor animals. 
  • Provide fresh cool water daily for outdoor animals. 
  • Never leave animals alone in a vehicle. 
  • Watch for coolant leaking from your vehicle - drinking just a small amount can cause death. 
  • Do not force your animal to exercise after a meal in hot, humid weather and limit exercise to early morning or evening hours. 
  • Never leave your pet standing on asphalt surfaces. 
  • Pets can get sunburned too, and your pet may require sunscreen on the nose and ear tips.


St. Louis United Way Referral Hotline… 1-800-427-4626 or 2-1-1 from a cell phone for cooling sites & other heat-related problems.

Cool Down St. Louis……….. 241-7668

Homebound seniors meals………. 612-5918

Housing Resource Center………… 802-5444

Citizens' Service Bureau…………. 622-4800 for removal of debris, requests for assistance from City agencies, or complaints.

Operation Weather Survival





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