St. Louis Rams Settlement Plan

Information and reports on the management of the City of St. Louis portion of the Rams settlement funds.


When the St. Louis Rams NFL football team relocated to Los Angeles in 2016, the City, County and the St. Louis Regional Convention and Sports Authority filed a lawsuit against the NFL. In November 2021, the parties and the NFL reached a historic settlement agreement. In November 2022, the City, County, and RSA decided to divide the settlement between the three parties:

  • $280 million to the City of St. Louis, including $30 million to expand the Dome at America's Center. 
  • $169 million to St. Louis County
  • $70 million to St. Louis Regional Convention and Sports Authority

Settlement Funds Survey

The Board of Aldermen has launched a survey to hear directly from city residents about the use of the Rams settlement funds. City leadership wants to use this money in ways that help the economy grow, encourage more people to live in the City of St. Louis, and make life better for the people that live here.

This survey asks about the challenges that you and others face living here in St. Louis. What you tell us today will inform the types of proposals we will consider funding through the Rams Settlement.

Take the Rams Settlement Funds survey

Settlement Plan

The City of St. Louis, with guidance from the St. Louis Treasurer’s Office, has invested the $280 million won from the historic Rams settlement in a secure account with the Missouri Securities Investment Program (MOSIP), where the funds will continue to accrue interest and grow. 

The MOSIP account offers flexibility and interest. MOSIP and its various services provide school districts, municipalities, counties, and more an opportunity to maximize their income potential with secure investments while adhering to Missouri investment guidelines. As of September 15, 2023, the City's share of the funds have accrued $5.8 million in interest. 

Following the seating of a new Board of Aldermen, the City will engage community members to educate residents and to hear their recommendations on how best to use this transformative opportunity for St. Louis. Unlike American Rescue Plan funds, which are bound by US Treasury guidelines and must be spent by the end of 2026, Rams settlement funds face no similar restrictions. 

Per the settlement agreement, $30 million of the City’s $280 million share must be appropriated by the Board of Alderman before June 30, 2023 to keep the funds in the City by investing in the Convention Center. If the Board does not act by the deadline, the City must cede that $30 million to the Regional Convention and Sports Complex Authority (RSA).  

From Mayor Jones

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