Update: Bike St. Louis Phase III Construction Underway

Crews creating 40 new miles of street routes for bikes and upgrading 60 miles of existing network

September 24, 2014 | 4 min reading time

Streets Update:

Plans to expand and upgrade a total of 135 miles of street routes for bicycles are now being implemented. Details at http://bit.ly/BikeSTLPhaseIII

NOTE REGARDING TOWER GROVE: A road diet and buffered bike lanes on Tower Grove Avenue from Magnolia to Shaw are part of Phase III of Bike St. Louis and all partners are committed to executing that plan. When the Kingshighway bridge construction begins in early 2015, the following things will happen:

  1. The East side of Tower Grove Avenue from Magnolia to Shaw will be posted "No Parking" between 7-9 am and the west side will be No Parking between 4-6 pm: towing enforced.
  2. We will paint a bikeable shoulder to be used by bicyclists during these peak times. We will maintain the share the road markings in the outside traffic lanes for use by bikes at non-peak times (when parked cars are present).
  3. In addition alternate bike routes will be signed as a detour just as we do with vehicle traffic.
  4. Alternate routes for cyclists will include creating a biking and walking friendly renovation of the Thurman Underpass.
  5. Traffic levels will be monitored and evaluated regularly for changes - This could include additional parking restrictions or reducing parking restrictions and adding bike facilities.

We will install the full Phase III Bike St. Louis improvements along Tower Grove Ave as quickly as possible after monitoring how the closure is affecting all forms of traffic. We look forward to adding this and many more signage and markings to make City of St. Louis streets better for bicycles!

Update 9.24.2014:

Great Rivers Greenway and the City of St. Louis are pleased to announce that Bike St. Louis Phase III construction is underway. In early September, crews began to add an additional 40 miles of street routes for bicycles and upgrade 60 miles of the existing Bike St. Louis network.

Over the coming months, neighbors all across the City of St. Louis will begin noticing new paint on the pavement to make room for more cyclists. The project includes shared lane markings, bike lanes, buffered bike lanes, shared use paths, bicycle "cut-throughs," seven new bike corrals, and wayfinding signs throughout the City.

"Having transportation options like street routes for bicycles is a priority for the City of St. Louis," said Mayor Francis Slay. "Together with Great Rivers Greenway and the cycling community, we want to create safe and convenient paths for more people to leave their cars at home and get out to bike around our City."

The City began creating Bike St. Louis in partnership with Great Rivers Greenway in 2004. Once Phase III is complete, the City will have a total of 135 miles of marked street routes for bicycles. The bike route markings and signage aim to alert drivers and cyclists to road sharing to make for a safer riding experience for cyclists.

Funded through a $1.1. million federal grant and local matches by each partner, Bike St. Louis is the result of engagement with an advisory committee of community stakeholders, cyclists, and non-profits to create a more bike-friendly city. The collaboration included gathering feedback from residents of the region to help guide planning and design of Phase III.

"Giving new and upgraded options to those who ride their bikes in the City is one more way we're making the St. Louis region an even better place to live," said Susan Trautman, Executive Director of Great Rivers Greenway.

Original Post:

Bike St. Louis Phase III will add an additional 40 miles of street bike routes in the City of St. Louis and upgrade 60 miles of the existing network. The Bike St.Louis street bicycle network was developed in a partnership between:

An Advisory Committee including representatives from MoDOT, Metro,East West Gateway, Trailnet, bicycle shops and non-profits, and residents of the region guided the project planning and design.

The first phase of Bike St. Louis started a decade ago, and much of the early striping and signs are now in need of upgrades. Bike St. Louis Phase III will add an additional 40 miles of street bike routes in the City of St. Louis and upgrade 60 miles of the existing network. Upgrades include additional wayfinding signage and seven bicycle parking corrals to be placed throughout the City. The types of bicycle routes that will be installed during Bike St. Louis Phase III include all the options you see below.
The bicycle routes installed as part of Bike St. Louis Phase III will be placed throughout the City of St. Louis. These new bicycle routes will connect with the existing Bike St. Louis network in St. Louis City, Clayton, and Maplewood.

This project begins in late summer 2014 and will be completed in spring 2015.

Parking may be temporarily restricted in locations during Bike St. Louis Phase III installation. Some roads will go on "road diets" to accommodate bicycle facilities. "Road diets" can involve narrowing or reconfiguring lanes.

Great Rivers Greenway and the City of St. Louis received a $1.4 million federal transportation grant for Bike St. Louis Phase III. Great Rivers Greenway and the City of St. Louis are sharing the 20% local match funding required.

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