Parking Policies

Details on meter operational times and the City's multi-tier fine structure.


The Parking Violation Fine Structure and Late Payment Schedule changed October 1, 2021.

Meter Operation Times

In general, parking meters are in operation Monday through Saturday from 8am to 7pm.  Exceptions to these operation times are some multispace meters which are operational 24 hours a day.  24-hour multispace meters are currently located on various lots throughout the City, including those indicated on the following map:

All operational hours posted on meters or signage are official. Parking at all meters is free on Sundays and City Holidays. All other posted parking regulations are in effect at all times.

The City maintains a multi-tier parking violation fine structure. The current parking violation fine structure, as adopted on October 1, 2021, is summarized in the table below.

Parking Violation Fine Structure

Effective October 1, 2021

Fine Structure
Class Parking Violation Fee
Class 1 Parking meter & street cleaning sign violations  $20.00
Class 2 Minor parking violations (e.g., no parking, bus, taxi or commercial vehicle zone or yellow curb violation) $30.00
Class 3 Public safety parking violations (e.g., no stopping, double parking or tow-away zone violation, blocking intersection, alley, or fire hydrant, lane or station, or traffic flow impairment) $45.00
Class 4 Disabled parking ordinance violation  $100.00
Class 5 Commercial vehicle parking violations $100.00

The St. Louis City Revised Code detailing parking violations can be found here (Title, Chapter, and Section are given by the "Code:" number on your printed ticket).

Late Payments

The City assesses late payment penalties when a violator fails to pay the original parking violation fine on time. The late payment penalty schedule is summarized below. 

Late Payment Schedule 

Condition Penalty
The ticket is not suspended or the payment is not  received within 30 days of parking ticket issuance 100 percent of original parking violation fine
The ticket is not suspended or the payment is not  received within 45 days of parking ticket issuance 300 percent of original parking violation fine

A failure to pay or successfully contest a parking ticket on a timely basis can result in significant late payment penalties and collection fees. (For example: if a violator fails to pay a $20 meter fine within 30 days, the total amount due is $40.00—the $20 original fine plus a $20 late payment penalty. After 45 days, the amount due becomes $80.00—the $20 original fine, plus a $60 late payment penalty.)

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