Plumbing Permits - July 1992 to Present (CSV) Dataset Distribution

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Field Definitions

Name Label Data Type Vocabulary
ADDR_Handle Project Handle String
ADDR_LocationX Project X coordinate String
ADDR_LocationY Project Y coordinate String
ADDR_NeighborhoodNumber Project Neighborhood String
ADDR_ParcelID Project Parcel ID Integer
ADDR_Ward Project Ward String
ContractorCompany Contractor Company Name String
CurrentResultDate Inspection Completed Date String
DateCancelled Inspection Canceled Date String
DateScheduled Inspection Scheduled Date String
INRE_InspectionResult (InspectionResultID) Inspection Result String
InspectionNotes Inspection Result Notes String
InspectorName Inspector Name String
InspectorName Inspector Name String
OwnerState Owner State String
PEIF_ApplicationDate Application Date String
PEIF_ApplicationFee Application Fee Decimal
PEIF_EstimatedCompletionDate Estimated Completion Date String
PEIF_ExpirationDate Expiration Date String
PEIF_Number Permit Number String
PEIF_OwnerAddress Owner Address String
PEIF_OwnerCity Owner City String
PEIF_OwnerName Owner Name String
PEIF_OwnerZipCode Owner Zip Code String
PEIF_PermitTotal + PEIF_ApplicationFee + PEIF_Surcharge Fee Total Decimal
PEIF_ProjectAddress Project Address String
PEIF_ProjectCity Project City String
PEIF_ProjectCost Project Cost Decimal
PEIF_ProjectDescription Project Name String
PEIF_ProjectZipCode Project Zip Code String
PEIF_Surcharge Aplication Surcharge Decimal
PEIF_UnitNumber Unit Number String
PEST_Name (PEIF_FK_PEST_ID) Current Status String
PETY_Name (PEIF_FK_PETY_ID) Permit Type String
ProjectState Project State String
ProjectType (PEIF_FK_PJTY_ID) Project Type String
ReasonCancelled Inspection Canceled Reason String
StructureType (PEIF_FK_STTY_ID) Structure Type String
TimeframeEnd Inspection Scheduled Time to String
TimeframeStart Inspection Scheduled Time from String

About This Distribution

  • Is a distribution of: Plumbing Permits
  • Data format: CSV
  • File last modified:
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  • Update frequency: Daily

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