Animal Bite Reports Dataset Distribution

Overview for this Animal Bites dataset distribution

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Field Definitions

Name Label Data Type Vocabulary
ANIMAL_TYPE Animal Type String
DATECANCELLED Date Cancelled DateTime
DATEINVTDONE Date Investigation Done DateTime
DATETIMECLOSED Datetime Closed DateTime
DATETIMEINIT Datetime Initiated DateTime
HOUSE_NUMBER House Number Boolean
NEIGHBORHOOD Neighborhood Number Integer Neighborhood
PLAIN_ENGLISH_NAME_FOR_PROBLEMCODE Plain English Name for Problemcode String
PRJCOMPLETEDATE Projected Completion Date DateTime
PROBLEMCODE Problem Code String
REQUESTID Request ID Integer
SRX X Coordinate Decimal
STATUS Status String
STREET Street String
WARD Ward String

About This Distribution

  • Is a distribution of: Animal Bites
  • Data format: CSV
  • File last modified:
  • File size: MB
  • Update frequency: Weekly

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