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The Land Reutilization Authority of the city of St. Louis, Missouri shall have authority to accept the grant of any interest in real property made to it, or to accept gifts and grant in aid assistance. Such authority shall have and exercise all the powers conferred by the provisions of sections 92.700 to 92.920 necessary and incidental to the effective management, sale, transfer or other disposition of real estate acquired under and by virtue of the foreclosure of the lien for delinquent real estate taxes, as provided in sections 92.700 to 92.920, and in the exercise of such powers, the land reutilization authority shall be deemed to be a public corporation acting in a governmental capacity.

The Authority shall consist of three (3) commissioners, one (1) of whom shall be appointed by the Mayor of the City of St. Louis.

Commissioners serve at the pleasure of their respective appointing authority.

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Natalie Vowell 06/07/2026
Gail Brown Vice Chairperson 04/01/2025
Calvin Arnold Member 01/01/2025

Authorizing Legislation

Rev. Mo. Stat. 92.875- 92.930.

Board Duties and Purpose

It shall be the duty of such Land Reutilization Authority to administer the tax delinquent lands, as follows:

(1) Such land reutilization authority shall immediately assume possession and control of all real estate acquired by it under the provisions of sections 92.700 to 92.920 and proceed to inventory and appraise such land, and thereafter keep and maintain a perpetual inventory of such real estate, except that individual parcels may be consolidated and grouped or regrouped for economy, utility or convenience.

(2) It shall classify such land as to its use, into the following three classifications:

(a) Suitable for private use;

(b) Suitable for use by a public agency;

(c) Not usable in its present condition or situation and held as a public land reserve.

Any parcel of property may be reclassified by 2/3 vote of the land reutilization commissioners, and all properties classified as falling within paragraph (c) of this subdivision shall be reviewed annually to determine the appropriateness of such classification.

(3) Such land reutilization authority shall administer all property in classification (a) of subdivision (2) in accordance with subdivision (4) of this section. Every effort shall be made to sell the property at a price as close to its appraised value as possible. Property in classifications (b) and (c) of subdivision (2) may be transferred at no cost, except any administrative expenses connected with the transfer, by the land reutilization authority upon request of and to those public agencies provided for in classification (b) of subdivision (2) upon submission of a plan of use for the property by the public agency to the land reutilization commissioners, except that no property shall be transferred at no cost unless there be a unanimous vote of the three land reutilization commissioners. If the property is transferred at no cost to any public agency and the public agency shall then sell or otherwise dispose of the property within ten years for any consideration, the proceeds of the sale or disposal shall be returned to the land reutilization commissioners who shall in turn distribute the proceeds in accordance with the provisions of section 92.840. If the land reutilization commissioners do not give an affirmative vote to the request for transfer, the land reutilization authority may dispose of the property in accordance with subdivision (4) of this section. Properties in paragraph (c) of subdivision (2) shall be studied and recommendations made to taxing authorities as to possible uses for real estate in the classification. In furtherance of this object the land reutilization authority shall have access to any and all city and county records at any time and may call upon any and all city and county officers, departments, boards, planning commissions or other commissions for studies, statistics or recommendations. The land reutilization authority shall prepare a list of all buildings in paragraph (a) of subdivision (2), which list shall be corrected and amended on a quarterly basis. The commissioners may make a charge, not to exceed one dollar for each copy of the list, which money shall be used to help defray the costs of preparing the list. Any person may purchase a copy of the list. Any real estate agent or broker licensed to do business in the city may when authorized by the commissioners sell any property upon the terms and conditions imposed by the commissioners, and the commissioners are authorized and empowered to pay a reasonable real estate commission; and provided, that nothing herein shall prohibit the commissioners from selling or exchanging any real estate directly to or with any purchaser.

(4) The land reutilization commissioners shall have power, and it shall be their duty, to manage, maintain, protect, rent, lease, repair, insure, alter, hold and return, assemble, sell, trade, acquire, exchange or otherwise dispose of any real estate, on terms and conditions as may be determined in the sole discretion of the commissioners. The land reutilization commissioners may assemble tracts or parcels of real estate for public parks or any other purposes and to such end may exchange or acquire parcels, and otherwise effectuate such purposes by agreement with any taxing authority.

(5) The land reutilization authority shall adopt rules and regulations in harmony with the provisions of sections 92.700 to 92.920 and shall keep records of all its transactions, which records shall be open to inspection of any taxing authority in the city at any time. There shall be an annual audit of the affairs, accounts, expenses, and financial transactions of such land reutilization authority by certified public accountant as of December thirty-first of each year, which accountants shall be employed by the commissioners on or before November first of each year, and certified copies thereof shall be furnished to the appointing authorities described in section 92.885 and shall be available for public inspection at the office of the land reutilization authority.

Member Requirements

The land reutilization authority shall be composed of three (3) members:

One (1) of whom shall be appointed by the Comptroller of any city operating under the provisions of sections 92.700 to 92.920;

One (1) of whom shall be appointed by the Board of Education of such city; and

One (1) shall be appointed by the Mayor of any such city.

The members shall serve at the pleasure of their respective appointing authority and shall serve without compensation.

The members so appointed may be employees of the appointing authority and shall serve without additional compensation.

Any vacancy in the office of land reutilization commissioner shall be filled by the same appointing authority which made the original appointment. If any appointing authority fails to make any appointment of a land reutilization commissioner within the time the first appointments are required, or within thirty days after any term expires, then the appointment shall be made by the mayor of the city.

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