Board Bill Number 260 In Session 2016-2017

Establishing charity bail fund


BOARD BILL NO. 260 INTRODUCED BY: ALDERMAN KENNEDY An ordinance recommended by the Board of Estimate and Apportionment, authorizing a supplemental appropriation; amending Ordinance #70272, commonly referred to as the budget ordinance for Fiscal Year 2016-17; appropriating and setting apart revenues to address the expenditure required and set forth herein for the current fiscal year, in the amount of $95,000, to be apportioned to the Division of Corrections for the purpose of establishing a charity bail fund to assist certain non-violent defendants in posting bail as allowed by the Court, and to alleviate the cost of housing such persons, and to save public funds currently allocated for the incarceration of such persons, requiring the Commissioner of the Division of Corrections with certain duties in the process of selecting a service provider in association with expending such charity bail fund, and containing an Emergency Clause.



Session: 2016-2017

Primary Sponsors: Terry Kennedy

Ordinance: 70536 effective 04/17/2019

Committee: Public Safety

Legislative History

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  • 01/20/2017

    First Reading

  • 02/10/2017

    Second Reading

  • 04/17/2017


  • 04/17/2017

    Third Reading


Ordinance Number: 70536

Effective Date: 04/17/2019

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