Board Bill Number 230 | Session 2007-2008

Tax on telephone companies


BOARD BILL NO. 230 INTRODUCED BY ALDERMAN MATT VILLA An ordinance relating to taxes on telephone companies; amending Section Two of Ordinance 42529, approved December 29, 1942, as amended, currently codified as Section 23.34.020 of the Revised Code, City of St. Louis, 1994. Anno. by reducing the rate of tax on gross receipts imposed therein from ten percent (10%) to seven and one half percent (7 ½%); clarifying the meaning of the term "telephone company" for purposes of any City tax on telephone companies , and making certain provisions for determining the applicability of any such tax; repealing Sections Five, Six, Seven and Ten of Ordinance 42529, presently codified as Sections 23.34.050, 23.34.060, 23.34.070, and 23.34.090 of the Revised Code; with a non-waiver provision, a non-severability provision and an emergency provision..



Session: 2007-2008

Sponsor: Matt Villa

Ordinance: 67717 effective 11/01/2007

Committee: Public Utilities

Legislative History

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  • 07/13/2007

    First Reading

  • 10/19/2007

    Second Reading

  • 10/26/2007


  • 10/26/2007

    Third Reading


Ordinance Number: 67717

Effective Date: 11/01/2007

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