Board Bill Number 95 | Session 2008-2009

An ordinance pertaining to cruising


An ordinance pertaining to cruising and that no person age sixteen (16) or older, shall engage in cruising, as defined, on any highway, roadway, roadway within the boundaries of any city park, or alleyway of the City of St. Louis, nor shall any person engage in cruising on any driving aisle of a parking lot serving a commercial development that is posted "No Cruising" and containing exceptions, penalty clause, severability clause and emergency clause.



Session: 2008-2009

Sponsor: Jeffrey L Boyd

Ordinance: 68127 effective 10/14/2008

Committee: Streets, Traffic and Refuse


Gregory Carter

Legislative History

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  • 06/06/2008

    First Reading

  • 06/20/2008

    Second Reading

  • 06/27/2008

    Informal Calendar

  • 07/03/2008


  • 07/11/2008

    Informal Calendar

  • 10/03/2008


  • 10/10/2008

    Third Reading


Ordinance Number: 68127

Effective Date: 10/14/2008

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