Board Bill Number 195 In Session 2010-2011

11th Amendment for Lambert Fueling Facility


BOARD BILL # 195 INTRODUCED BY ALDERMAN TERRY KENNEDY An Ordinance recommended and approved by the Board of Estimate and Apportionment authorizing and directing the Director of Airports and the Comptroller for the City of St. Louis (the "City") to enter into and execute on behalf of the City an Eleventh Amendment to the Indenture of Lease (AL-60) between the City and Lambert Field Fueling Facilities Corporation (the "Lessee") at Lambert-St. Louis International Airport® dated July 1, 1955 (the "Lease"), authorized by Ordinance 47554 approved June 28, 1955, as amended by: the "First Amendment" (undated), authorized by Ordinance 57108 approved January 30, 1976, the "Second Amendment" dated October 1, 1977, authorized by 57585 approved April 3, 1978, the "Third Amendment" dated December 10, 1984, authorized by Ordinance 59330 approved December 7, 1984, the "Fourth Amendment" dated November 9, 1994, authorized by Ordinance 63292 approved October 14, 1994, the "Fifth Amendment" dated March 13, 1996, authorized by Ordinance 63670 approved March 12, 1996, the "Sixth Amendment" dated January 12, 2006, authorized by Ordinance 66927 approved December 14, 2005, the "Seventh Amendment" dated February 20, 2007, authorized by Ordinance 67358 approved December 19, 2006, the "Eighth Amendment" dated December 27, 2007 authorized by Ordinance 67785 approved November 30, 2007, the "Ninth Amendment" authorized by Ordinance 68111, approved October 6, 2008, the "Tenth Amendment" dated December 4, 2009, authorized by Ordinance 68476 approved November 6, 2009, and this "Eleventh Amendment", which was approved by the City's Airport Commission and the City's Board of Estimate and Apportionment and is attached hereto as ATTACHMENT "A" and made a part hereof and which: i) extends the term of the Lease as previously amended by one (1) year to December 31, 2011, and ii) increases the rent; containing a severability clause; and containing an emergency clause.



Session: 2010-2011

Primary Sponsors: Terry Kennedy

Ordinance: 68800 effective 11/23/2010

Committee: Transportation and Commerce

Legislative History

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  • 10/15/2010

    First Reading

  • 11/12/2010

    Second Reading

  • 11/19/2010


  • 11/19/2010

    Third Reading


Ordinance Number: 68800

Effective Date: 11/23/2010

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