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An Ordinance, recommended and approved by the Airport Commission, the Board of Public Service, and the Board of Estimate and Apportionment, establishing and authorizing a public work and improvement program (“Building Projects”) at Lambert-St. Louis International Airport® (the "Airport"), consisting of capital improvement projects to and for the terminal complexes, concourses, parking facilities, and associated Airport buildings, structures, and facilities, roadways, driveways and environs, and other associated Airport improvements as more fully described in the attached EXHIBIT A, entitled “PROJECT LIST” that is incorporated herein, such authorization including, without limitation, engineering planning and designing services, programming services, technical advice and assistance, inspection services, surveying and mapping services, appraisal services, legal services and related costs, CADD services, the removal or relocation of structures, obstructions, utilities and trees, the grading and seeding of disturbed areas and related work, landscaping costs, security services, relocation costs, the demolition of improvements, architectural, engineering and related consultant and management expense pertaining to the planning, design, consulting, installing mock-ups, the preparation and production of contract documents, or the advertising and taking of bids, architect and design services, costs for structural and maintenance studies, estimating and cost benefit consulting services, general engineering services, consulting services and other technical advices and assistance, construction management, construction, installation, renovation, rehabilitations, repairs, expansion, reconfiguration, improvement, and inspection work, the equipping and furnishing of Airport property, loading bridges, equipment, and other necessary and related work or services for the development, implementation, administration, management or monitoring of the Building Projects at a total estimated cost of Forty Four Million Six Hundred Seventy Nine Thousand Dollars ($44,679,000); authorizing and initial appropriation in the total amount of Two Million Seven Hundred Eighty Thousand Dollars ($2,780,000) as follows: a) Two Million Three Hundred Thousand Dollars ($2,300,000) from the “Series A Commercial Paper Construction Account” of the ”Commercial Paper Construction Fund” established and authorized pursuant to Ordinance 66232 approved March 30, 2004, and b) Four Hundred Eight Thousand Dollars ($480,000) from the Airport Development Fund established under authority of Ordinance 59286, Section 13, approved October 26, 1984, to be expended for the payment of costs for work and services authorized herein and providing for the receipt of supplemental appropriations when authorized by ordinance into this Ordinance as funds become available to continue the Building Projects; authorizing the Mayor and the Comptroller of the City Of St. Louis (“City”) to enter into and execute on behalf of the City easement agreements granting such easements or right-of-ways as are necessary to the administration or implementation of the Building Projects and containing such terms, covenants, and conditions that are in the best interest of the City, the City’s residents, and the traveling public; authorizing the Director of Airports with the approval of the Board of Estimate and Apportionment to let contracts providing for mapping, appraisal, and escrow services, title work, ground maintenance, security services, legal services, and other related services for the implementation and administration of the Building Projects; authorizing and directing the Board of Public Service with the advice, consent, and approval of the Director of Airports to let contracts for all other approved work or services, purchase materials, loading bridges, and equipment, employ labor, pay salaries, wages, fees, retain consultants and otherwise provide for the work or services authorized herein; providing that any contract let hereunder, shall be subject to the City’s Charter and applicable City ordinances and Missouri State laws or regulations applicable thereto; authorizing and directing the Comptroller of the City to draw warrants from time to time on the Treasurer of the City for payment of expenses authorized herein upon submission of properly certified vouchers in conformance with procedures established by the Comptroller and, authorizing, as necessary and appropriate, the Comptroller, Treasurer, City Counselor, and other appropriate officers, agents and employees of the City to make such applications or certifications and provide such data to the Note Trustee, Note Registrar, Paying Agent of the “Commercial Paper Notes” authorized under Ordinance 66232 or other appropriate parties, and to take whatever action necessary in order to provide for the payment or reimbursement of eligible costs authorized herein; authorizing the Director of Airports to make such applications and provide such data and to take whatever action necessary to seek funds under the Airport Improvement Program, the Passenger Facility Charge Program or other federal, state or local programs for projects herein authorized where such costs or expenditures are deemed eligible and monies made available for those costs under federal, state, or local law or contract, and to authorize the deposit of such funds as may be appropriate into this Ordinance to reimburse the costs in part of the Building Projects herein authorized; directing that all contracts let under authority of this Ordinance be in compliance with all applicable minority and women or disadvantaged business enterprise requirements and in compliance with all applicable federal, state, and local laws, ordinances, regulations, court decisions and executive orders relating to equal employment opportunity; and containing a severability and an emergency clause.

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Legislative History

Session: 2006-2007
Board Bill Number: 57
Primary Sponsor: Phyllis Young
Committee: Transportation and Commerce
First Reading: 05/12/2006
Second Reading: 05/19/2006
Perfection: 05/25/2006
Third Reading: 05/25/2006
Effective Date: 06/05/2006


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