Ordinance 68698

Ord. relating to solid waste fees.

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BOARD BILL NO. 99 INTRODUCED BY ALDERMAN STEPHEN CONWAY An ordinance relating to solid waste collection, removal and disposal/recycling; providing that beginning on July 1, 2010, a Solid Waste Services Fee of Twelve Dollars ($12.00) per Dwelling Unit per month, which Solid Waste Services Fee may be increased at the beginning of each fiscal year thereafter, as provided herein, shall be charged for Solid Waste Services provided by the City to residential Dwelling Units, as defined herein; finding that the charging and collection of such Solid Waste Services Fees is necessary and appropriate; providing that such Fees shall be payable at such times as shall be determined by the Refuse Commissioner and the Collector of Revenue; setting forth provisions for the administration of such Fees and the billing therefor; providing that Solid Waste Services Fees shall not be charged for a Dwelling Unit when adequate Solid Waste Services and related equipment for such Dwelling Unit are provided by a Private Solid Waste Contractor, as defined herein, as evidenced by documentation satisfactory to the Refuse Commissioner and as determined by the Refuse Commissioner; requiring the Building Division to verify that Solid Waste Services Fees are paid up to date prior to the issuance of a certificate of inspection for any Dwelling Unit and providing that a violation of this Ordinance exists and authorizing the Building Division to issue a violation notice if not; providing that, except as expressly permitted by the Refuse Commissioner, it shall be a violation of this Ordinance for any person or business to use City Solid Waste Services and associated City equipment for any solid waste that does not originate in Dwelling Units for which a Customer pays Solid Waste Services Fees; providing that it shall be a violation of this Ordinance for any person, business, or Owner to fail to provide solid waste collection and disposal services, furnished by a Private Solid Waste Contractor, for any Property that produces solid waste; with penalty, severability and emergency provisions.


Session: 2010-2011

Board Bill Number: 99

Primary Sponsors: Stephen Conway

Committee: Ways and Means

Effective: 07/02/2010

Legislative History

  • 06/11/2010

    First Reading

  • 06/18/2010

    Second Reading

  • 06/25/2010


  • 07/02/2010

    Third Reading


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