Ordinance 68989

Vacation of Catalan at Railroad Street/Espensheid

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BOARD BILL NO. 139 INTRODUCED BY: ALDERMAN THOMAS VILLA An ordinance recommended by the Board of Public Service to vacate above surface, surface and sub-service rights for vehicle, equestrian and pedestrian travel in 1) A portion of Catalan Street beginning at the west right-of-way line of Railroad Street and continuing eastwardly approximately 708.795 feet ± 6.265 feet to a point, 2) Railroad Street from the south right-of-way line of Espensheid Street to Marceau Street, 3) A 100-110 foot portion of Marceau Street beginning 10.40 feet west of Railroad Street to a point 47.22 feet east of Railroad Street, 4) East Railroad Street from Marceau Street to Davis Street, 5) Hurck Street from East Railroad Street to West Railroad Street, 6) A portion of Davis beginning approximately 577.64 feet east of Polk and continuing eastwardly approximately 268.01 feet ± .673 feet to a point in the City of St. Louis, Missouri, as hereinafter described, in accordance with Charter authority, and in conformity with Section l4 of Article XXI of the Charter and imposing certain conditions on such vacation.

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Legislative History

Session: 2011-2012
Board Bill Number: 139
Primary Sponsor: Thomas A Villa
Committee: Streets, Traffic and Refuse
First Reading: 09/16/2011
Second Reading: 09/30/2011
Perfection: 10/07/2011
Third Reading: 10/07/2011
Effective Date: 12/03/2011


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