Resolutions Sponsored by Alderman | Session 2022-2023

Ward Alderman

41 resolutions
Resolution Sponsor
Resolution 189
Recognizing The Mill Creek Neighborhood History
Resolution 187
Honoring Alderman John Coatar
Resolution 182
Honoring Alderman Jesse Todd
Resolution 177
Honoring Wiley Price
Resolution 175
Honoring Tom Villa
Resolution 171
Settlement Funds
Resolution 159
Change in the Last day to Introduce Board Bills
Resolution 154
Honoring Lisa McNichols
Resolution 148
Honoring Mr. Tony C. Miller
Resolution 146
Special Committee for Transition from 28 Wards to 14
Resolution 145
St. Louis Fire Department that are on the 2013 Promotions List
Resolution 143
Honoring Mr. Martin Luther Mathews
Resolution 142
Honoring Dr. Kelvin Adams
Resolution 136
Honoring Gary Samuel Kennedy (Dhati Majaliwa)
Resolution 135
Honoring Tom Pickel
Resolution 134
Honoring Seven SLPS Safety and Security Officers
Resolution 133
Honoring Essel Emmanuel Johnson, Jr.
Resolution 132
Honoring Helen Virginia Griswold Manuel on her 100th Birthday
Resolution 130
Recognizing the Central Visual and Performing Arts High School (CVPA) Tragedy
Resolution 129
Honoring Frederick A. "Rick" Bonasch,
Resolution 124
Honoring Jenifer Lewis
Resolution 120
In Support of Unionization Efforts
Resolution 116
On Spire Missouri, Inc Filing for a Rate Increase
Resolution 112
Honoring Ms. Ollie Mae Stewart
Resolution 111
Honoring Colonel John W. Hayden, Jr.
Resolution 100
Recognizing Suicide Prevention Month
Resolution 97
Honoring Police Sergeant John McLaughlin
Resolution 69
Honoring Major Angela Coonce
Resolution 62
Hiring of Board of Aldermen Staff
Resolution 48
Honoring Lieutenant Colonel Rochelle Denise
Resolution 44
Honoring Juneteenth Activities
Resolution 42
Subpoena Powers for Board Committees
Resolution 38
Pride St. Louis, Inc. for Pride Fest 2022
Resolution 37
National Gun Violence Awareness Day
Resolution 35
Honoring Irving Charles Clay, Jr.
Resolution 33
Study for Implementing an Emergency Vehicle Preemption System
Resolution 32
Honoring the 40th Annual Older American’s Month Celebration
Resolution 25
Support for the Medicare for All Act of 2021
Resolution 16
Recognizing National Infertility Awareness Week
Resolution 2
Hiring of Staff
Resolution 1
Rules of the Board of Aldermen for the 2022-2023 Legislative Session of the Board

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