Resolutions | Session 2019-2020

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Resolution Alderman
Resolution 39
Honoring Shirley Ann White
Jeffrey L Boyd
Resolution 38
Delta Day at City Hall
Lewis E Reed
Resolution 37
State of the City Address
John Collins-Muhammad
Resolution 36
The Board of Aldermen recognize and commend Father Carl Scheble on a job well done.
Carol Howard
Resolution 33
Older Americans Month
Shameem C Hubbard
Resolution 32
Honoring the Fifth District Police and Fire house members
Shameem C Hubbard
Resolution 31
Bret Narayan
Resolution 30
Recognizing Cedric Cobb
Marlene E Davis
Resolution 29
Sadie Arnetia Nelson
Sharon Tyus
Resolution 28
Honoring Luke Reynolds
Jack Coatar
Resolution 27
COmmemorating the Mount Esther Missionary Baptist Church 95th AnniversaryARY
Samuel L Moore
Resolution 26
Honoring Marva Jean Johnson
Jeffrey L Boyd
Resolution 25
Honoring Vera Crowder
Jeffrey L Boyd
Resolution 24
Honoring Louis Singleton
Jeffrey L Boyd
Resolution 23
Honoring Terryl Williams
Jeffrey L Boyd
Resolution 22
Honoring Taria Rowe
Jeffrey L Boyd
Resolution 21
Honoring Myrtle Bryant
Jeffrey L Boyd
Resolution 20
Honoring Lydia Lewis
Jeffrey L Boyd
Resolution 19
Honoring Jim Williams
Jeffrey L Boyd
Resolution 18
Honoring Robert Parson
Jeffrey L Boyd
Resolution 17
Honoring Nathaniel Davis, Jr.
Jeffrey L Boyd
Resolution 16
Honoring Tony Fisher
Jeffrey L Boyd
Resolution 15
Honoring Nathaniel Davis
Jeffrey L Boyd
Resolution 14
Honoring Cornelius Thompson
Jeffrey L Boyd
Resolution 13
Honoring Larry Hooten
Jeffrey L Boyd
Resolution 12
Honoring Gerald French
Jeffrey L Boyd
Resolution 11
Cornerstone Center for Early Learning
Annie Rice
Resolution 10
The 17th Annual Mary Meacham Freedom Crossing Celebration Africans to Americans: 400 Years of History
Lisa Middlebrook
Resolution 9
Central Westend Southeast Special Business District Tax Levy
Joseph D Roddy
Resolution 8
Honoring Fr. Lawrence Biondi, S.J.
Marlene E Davis
Resolution 7
Honoring Dr. Marabeth E. Gentry
Samuel L Moore
Resolution 6
Opposing unification of the City of St. Louis and St. Louis County via Constitutional Amendment
John Collins-Muhammad
Resolution 5
John Collins-Muhammad
Resolution 4
this Board of Aldermen does hereby authorize a continued payment to each Alderman and the President of the Board of Aldermen of an expense allowance in the amount of three hundred fifty dollars ($350.00) and the issuance of the equivalent of two hund
Lewis E Reed
Resolution 3
the Clerk of the Board of Aldermen be authorized and directed to prepare the index to the Journal of the Board for the 2019-2020 Session and that the Journal be prepared in both a bound and printed format and in an electronic format in numbers to be
Lewis E Reed
Resolution 2
Board of Aldermen is authorized by Ordinance to hire staff.
Lewis E Reed
Resolution 1
Rules of the Board of Aldermen 2019-2020
Lewis E Reed

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