Property Tax Rates

What are they?

Property tax rates are amounts per $100 of assessed value on a piece of property. This rate applies to personal property as well as real property. Commercial real property, however, includes an additional sur tax of $1.64 per $100 of assessed value. 

Where do they come from?

Political subdivisions (like school districts and libraries) are given the power of taxation by the state. Many other special districts and programs exist within the City that may add an additional amount to a tax bill.

What does the Assessor have to do with them?

The Assessor does not determine or set the tax rates charged by the political subdivisions. Missouri law separates the Assessor's authority to value property and the districts' authority to set a tax rate. 

Where are your taxes going?

In 2023, the tax rate was set at $7.9593 and distributed as follows:

  • School District: $4.6717
  • City: $1.6019
  • Library: $0.5459
  • Zoo-Museum District: $0.2340
  • Junior College: $0.2619
  • Children's Services: $0.2407
  • Sheltered Workshop: $0.1370
  • Metropolitan Sewer District: $0.0997
  • Mental Health Services: $0.0875
  • Senior Services: $0.0490
  • Blind Person Fund: $.03

*Follow the links for more information on an individual district. 


2023 Tax Rate break-out for a $1000 tax bill:

Where Taxes are Going 2023

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