Opening A New Food and Beverage Establishment

Steps to open a permanent food and beverage establishment, and information on inspections and facility requirements

After the Plan Review is Approved on an Existing Facility

  1. Obtain Occupancy Permit from Building Division
  2. Obtain one of the following:
    • Application for Business License from License Collector's Office
    • License from License Collector's Office
    • Receipt for a Liquor License from Excise Division
  3. Complete Permanent Food Permit Application
  4. Submit the following items to the Department of Health at once:
    • Proof of Business License or Liquor License
    • Occupancy Permit (not needed for mobile units)
    • Mobile units need a letter of agreement from a commissary and a copy of its most recent inspection report
    • Completed Permanent Food Permit Application
    • Drivers License or State ID
    • Food Manager's certificate in food safety
  5. Business check, cashiers check or money order for fees
  6. Schedule a pre-opening inspection with your food establishment inspector

Preparing for your Pre-Opening Inspection

  1. Designate one Person-In-Charge with a certificate in food safety management for all hours of operation (or each shift). This person must be on-site during business operations and food handling
  2. All food handlers must have proof of vaccination from Hepatitis A within 30 days of employment

Facility Requirements

  • Hot and cold running water under pressure
  • Handwashing sinks with soap and disposable towels
  • 3 or 4 compartment sink, drainboard, and stoppers or plugs
  • Mop sink or utility sink
  • Chemical sanitizer and sanitizer concentration test kit
  • Sufficient hot and cold holding facilities
  • Thermometers in all refrigerators and freezers
  • A metal-stem (bayonet) thermometer
  • Employee restrooms with self-closing doors and covered waste receptacle
  • Proper ventilation in all rooms
  • Floors, walls and ceilings in good repair and easily cleanable, lights shielded
  • Commercial dumpster
  • Cleanable waste receptacles in establishment
  • Secure outer openings from vermin

New Construction and Remodeling

  • Contact the Department of Health before you begin construction or remodeling
  • Obtain a Permanent Food Permit Application
  • Contact the Building Division for an occupancy permit
  • Contact the License Collector's Office for a business license
  • Contact the Excise Commission if serving liquor
  • Submit health permit application and support documents required for a plan review along with a plan review fee to the Department of Health

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