Requirements for Operating a Temporary Food Establishment

Information on the temporary application process, food, equipment, and hygiene

 Application Process

  • Applications are to be made least two (2) business days in advance.
  • Applicants must provide the following:
    • Vendor's license from the License Collector's Office.
    • If within a festival zone, you must have approval from the event organizer.
  • Permit application fees are based on type of temporary food permit. For fee structure, please visit Temporary Food Permit Application Instructions.
    • Fees are payable with business check, bank check or money order.
  • Applicant will be asked to provide photo identification.


  • All food must come from an approved source (restaurant, grocery store, bakery, etc.) or be prepared on-site the day of the event.
  • Foods prepared in a home or other facility not under inspection are prohibited.
  • At all times during storage, transport, and service, potentially hazardous foods (meats, dairy products, eggs, salads, cooked vegetables, pasta, rice, etc.) must be maintained.
    • COLD (at or below 41o F) or
    • HOT (at or above 135o F)
  • Adequate refrigeration (mechanical or dry ice) must be provided, with adequate space to hold all hazardous foods at the proper temperature.
  • Ice used in drinks may not be used to cool drink cans or other food items, and must be dispensed with a scoop with a handle.


  • A metal-stem thermometer (0-220o F) must be provided and used by food handlers to monitor food temperatures.
  • Cleaning and sanitizing utensils (three food-grade washtubs/containers and 5-gallon or larger container of potable water are required):
    • one tub of dishwashing detergent in water
    • one tub of clean rinsewater
    • one tub of approved sanitizer (1.5 teaspoons bleach/gallon water)
  • Food storage containers must be clean, in good repair and constructed of stainless steel or food-grade plastic.
  • Utensils and food containers must be disposable, used only once and stored so that they will not be contaminated.
  • A shelter must be provided over the food preparation area.
  • All food, paper products, and single service items must be stored 6 inches off the ground.
  • Waste receptacle available and covered.


  • A handwashing facility must be provided for staff at all times. Proper facilities include:
    • clean, potable water with soap and disposable towels and/or
  • Pets and unauthorized persons (non-food handlers) must be in good health, with no infections, open cuts or illness.
  • Gloves, tongs, or other utensils must be used to prevent bare-hand contact with ready-to-eat food.
  • Food staff must wear sufficient clothing and hair coverings.
  • Smoking and eating in the food booth are prohibited.

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