Apply for Accessible Parking in Front of Residence

Request an accessible parking permit on the street in front of a residence.


City residents can apply for an accessible parking permit to have a parking place in front of their residence or building.

Be aware that failure to follow the rules of the parking program can result in the removal of the accessible parking space.


Each participant must:

  1. Have, or be the parent or family member of an individual who has, one of the disabilities listed on the application for a residential disabled parking space permit;
  2. Be the participant or parent or family member who lives full time with the individual who has the disability;
  3. Have a vehicle registered to the address where the residential disabled parking space is to be designated;
  4. Have a valid Missouri placard or license plate for people with disabilities or a Disabled Veteran’s license plate in the participant’s name;
  5. Park the vehicle at the residential disabled parking space at least five days or nights of the week;
  6. Provide a Certification of Disability signed by a primary health care provider or other physician.
  7. Not have off-street parking (like a garage, driveway or carport) or provide your health care provider’s explanation why it is impractical for the participant to use that parking.(Note: A garage at the residence that is less than 15 feet long or with a garage door opening that is less than 9 feet wide is not considered off-street parking.


  1. Confirm that you meet the eligibility requirements above.
  2. Download the application and instructions (or request one from the Office on the Disabled).
  3. Complete the application with your doctor.
  4. Obtain a copy of your license plate registration. The vehicle must be registered to the residence where you are requesting signs.
  5. Prepare a copy of your current disabled placard receipt OR current disabled license plate registration from the Missouri Department of Revenue.


Submit your completed application, Certification Of Disability form, license plate registration, and disabled placard receipt or disabled license plate registration.

By mail:

Office on the Disabled
1200 Market Street, Room 30
St. Louis Missouri 63103

By fax: (314) 622-4019

By e-mail:



What to Expect

Once you are deemed eligible for the space, the St. Louis City Street Department will install residential accessible parking signs approximately two to four weeks from the date of submission. You will be sent a set of permits to put on your vehicle.

Any person who has been denied a Residential Disabled Parking Space Permit may appeal in writing to the Office on the Disabled which will, in turn, forward the appeal to a special panel of the Advisory Council on the Disabled within two weeks. The special panel of the Advisory Council shall have final authority to grant or deny the appeal.

Additional Information

  • Only the vehicle with the permits & placard/license plate can park in this space. If another vehicle uses this space, the illegally parked vehicle may receive a seventy-five ($75.00) dollar or higher parking ticket.
  • Call the non emergency police line 314-231-1212 to report illegal vehicles in a space.
  • Space holders must respond to violations such as street cleaning, no parking signs, snow route, and emergency evacuation by police or fire department, etc.
  • Failure to follow the rules of the program will result in removal of the parking space.


Office on the Disabled

(314) 622-3686

1200 Market Street, Room 30
St. Louis, MO 63103

8:00am-5:00pm Monday-Friday

Contact the Office on the Disabled

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