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Address Validation is a RESTful API for validating properties located in the City of St. Louis. It is designed to take an address, validate it against City of St. Louis data, and return standardized, deliverable addresses. The service provides corrected information such as the street location, zip, ward, xpoint, ypoint, neighborhood, police district etc, along with parsed address in the City of St. Louis.  The data is refreshed nightly.


Please apply for an API key to use this API.

API Calls

We support returning results in XML, JSON, and HTML.

JSON Format

XML Format

HTML Format


AddressSearch Method

Call: grand

Input Type Description
addressSearch String E.g.1500 grand or11 digit parcel number 02100500100, omit apartment number

GetInforByParcel Method


Input Type Description
ParcelId 11 digits Pass 11 digit parcelId in the URL


All methods return the following fields:


Field Name Type Description
addressFound string Message about the records found.
parcelId 11 digits nvarchar(11)  
pointX float NAD 1983 StatePlane Missouri East FIPS 2401 Feet (WKID:102696)
pointY float NAD 1983 StatePlane Missouri East FIPS 2401 Feet (WKID:102696)
lowAddrNum Int Street Low Number Range
highAddrNum int Street High Number Range
lowAddrSuf nvarchar(3) Suffix for Street Low number
stPreDir nvarchar(4) Street Direction Prefix
streetName nvarchar(40) Street Name
stdUnitNum nvarchar(10)  
highAddrSuf nvarchar(3)  
streetType nvarchar(4) Street Type
stSufDir nvarchar(3) Street Direction Suffix
zipCode Int zip code
ownerName nvarchar(40) owner name
ownerName2 nvarchar(40) second owner name
ownerAddress nvarchar(40) owner address
ownerCity nvarchar(13) owner address city
ownerState nvarchar(2) owner state
ownerCountry nvarchar(13) owner country
ownerZip nvarchar(9) owner zip code
cityBlock decimal(6,2)  
OwnerCode Int  
parcel Int  
legalDesc1 Text  
classCode Int  
vacantLot bit  
specialDistrict Int  
condominiumCode Bit  
censusTract decimal(6,2) 2020 Census
censusBlock number 2020 Census
ward tinyint 2020 Ward
ward2010 tinyint 2010 Ward
precinct tinyint 2020 Precinct
precinct2010 tinyint 2010 Precinct
frontage Real  
landArea Int  
dailyDate Datetime  
dailyNumber Int  
bookNumber nvarchar(4)  
pageNumber Int  
district Int Police district
classCode decimal(6,2)  
subDistrict decimal(6,2)  
neighborhood number  
neighborhoodName nvarchar(50) Neighborhood Name
landUse Int  
handle nvarchar(11)  


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