City Public School Assignment API

The City Public School Assignment API Documentation


The School Assignment API is a API for retrieving public school information in the City of St. Louis. It is designed to return all school assignments, or take a parcel ID or city block, validate it against City of St. Louis data, and return the detailed school information for that address or area. The data is refreshed yearly.

API Calls


Get All Schools List


Get Information By Parcel ID Method

The Parcel ID method requires two API endpoints that work together.

Step 1: Call Address Search API that returns a property parcel ID

Step 2: Call:

Input Type Description
ParcelId 11 digits Pass 11 digit parcelId in the URL

Get Information By City Block Method

Step 1: Call Address Search API that returns a property cityblock

Step 2: Call:

Input Type Description
cityblock 6 digits Pass 4 digits with 2 decimal in the URL


We support returning results in JSON.

JSON Format

      preschool: [
         schoolName: "Mason 
         Elementary School",
         address: "6031 Southwest Ave.
                        St. Louis, MO, 63139",
          grade: "Preschool",
          website: "",
          age: "Aged 3, Aged 4"

All methods return the following fields:

Field Name Type Description
School Type String Preschool/Elementary/Meddle/High school
School Name String School Name
Address String School Location
Grade String Grade
Website String School Website
Age String Age range (Only for preschool students)

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