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How to manage city parks and park amenities.


  1. Logging in to CommonSpot


City parks are full of amenities used by the public, and each of these amenities has its own attributes. The Parks application was created to manage all of these amenities, and to help the public find what they are looking for.

Front End (What the Users See):

When a user clicks on one of the City's parks, they are presented with a brief description of the park, along with a broad overview of the types of amenities found there. Users can drill down and get specifics on each type of amenity.

Fairground park example page

On the right side of the screen is a map of the park, the ordinance year, the park's size, as well as related neighborhoods and wards.

Things like advanced searches, photo galleries, featured amenities, and layout may be implemented later on depending on demand.

Back End (How the Information Gets on the Site):


Before getting started, let's go over the different parts of the application.  Parks, amenities, amenities types, and amenity subtypes all come together to create the information page for each park.


Parks all have some basic information, like a brief description, size, ordinance year, and related wards and neighborhoods. Each park will also have its own set of amenities.


These are the things in a park. Amenities can include everything from fields, to recreation centers, to lakes.

Amenity Types:

Since there are many different kinds of amenities, we had to come up with a way of organizing amenities into browsable amenity types. These are: Museums and Cultural Venues, Outdoor Attractions, Sports and Recreation Facilities, and Sports Grounds.

Each of these amenity types has a set of subtypes as well.

Summary of Parks Amenities Types and Subtypes
Libraries, Museums, and Cultural Venues Outdoor Attractions  Sports and Recreation Facilities Sports Grounds
Science Centers
Golf Courses
Picnic Grounds and Pavilions
Recreation Centers
Skating Rinks
Spray and Wading Pools
Swimming Pools
Visitor Centers
Aviation Fields
Baseball Fields
Basketball Courts
Football Fields
Handball Courts
Horseshoe Courts
Kickball Fields
Racquetball Courts
Rugby Fields
Soccer Fields
Softball Fields
Tennis Courts
Volleyball Courts


Each amenity type has a set of attributes tied to it. This means that every Outdoor Attraction amenity you create will have the same attribute options. People will decide whether to use or rent this amenity based on its attributes.

Adding Information

Now that you have an overview of the parts, let's start adding parks and amenities.

Go to The Parks Administration Section

Internal Applications Menu

  1. Log in to the site.
  2. Show the CommonSpot Toolbars.
  3. Go to Tools >> Internal Applications >> Parks Administration

The front page shows you a list of all parks that have been entered so far, in alphabetical order.

Parks administration home page

Add a Park

To add a new park, click on the Add a Park button at the top of the page.

Fill out the form to add a new park:

  1. Park Name: The park's full name
  2. Park Description: A brief description of the park.
  3. Ordinance Year: Ordinance year for this park.
  4. Park Size: How big is the park in acres?
  5. Ward(s): Which ward(s) is this park in?
  6. Neighborhood: Which neighborhood(s) is this park in?
  7. Click "Add this park"

Add Amenities to a Park

Once the park is created, you can now add amenities to it.

  1. Select the appropriate amenity type from the drop-down list.
  2. Click "Add this amenity."
  3. Give the amenity a name.
  4. Select a subtype from the drop-down menu.
  5. If this amenity can be rented, check the Rentable box.
  6. Fill out the rest of the form fields that pertain to this amenity.
  7. Click on the "Add this amenity" button.

Add a New Amenity Type (Admin Only)

  1. Click on "Amenity Types" in the left navigation.
  2. Click on "Add an Amenity Type" at the top of the page.
  3. Enter the amenity type's name in plural form (Outdoor Attractions)
  4. Enter the amenity type's name in singular form (Outdoor Attraction)
  5. Enter the CMS taxonomy term that this would fall under (copy/paste to be sure it matches)
  6. Click "Add this amenity type"

Now you can add amenity subtypes and attributes to this amenity type.

Add a New Attribute (Admin Only)

  1. Click on "Attributes" in the left navigation.
  2. Click on "Add an Attribute" at the top of the page.
  3. Enter the attribute's name.
  4. If you think it might be confusing when creating an amenity with this attribute, add a description to help explain this attribute.
  5. Choose what kind of data type this attribute should be.
    1. Checkboxes are for yes/no
    2. Text Fields are for one line of text.
    3. Large Text Areas are for multiple lines of text.
  6. Click on "Add this attribute"

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