Carondelet Park Advisory Board

Reviews park improvement projects and monitors compliance with the master plan for all major park projects


The Carondelet Park Advisory Board monitors and oversees the implementation of the Carondelet Park Master Plan, provides review of significant modifications to the Plan, ensures that the intentions and goals of the Plan are achieved and keeps the public informed of the progress of the implementation.

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About the Board

The purpose of the Carondelet Park Implementation Advisory Board is to monitor and oversee the implementation of the Plan, provide review of significant modifications to the Plan, ensure that the intentions and goals of the Plan are achieved and keep the public informed of the progress of said implementation.

Board Membership

Voting members – up to 18, to be appointed by the Director of Parks, Recreation and Forestry. The membership should be representative of the following:

  • (3) Neighborhood Organization (Holly Hills, Friends of Carondelet, Carondelet Betterment)
  • (1) Community Service Organization
  • (1) Not-for-Profit Organization
  • (1) Landscape Architect/Arborist
  • (1) Active Recreation Specialist
  • (1) Neighborhood School Representative
  • (4) At Large Citizen Representative

Ex-officio members shall include:

  • Alderman of the 1st Ward
  • Park Department Representative
  • Planning and Urban Design Agency Representative
  • Board of Public Service Representative
  • Neighborhood Stabilization Office


  • Michael Dauphin - President, At Large Citizen Representative
  • Margaret Meyer - Secretary, Neighborhood School Representative
  • Ted Hartzler - Active Recreation Specialist
  • Sr. Marion Renkens - At Large Citizen Representative
  • Matt Thompson - Community Service Organization
  • Vacant - Holly Hills Neighborhood Organization
  • Vacant - Friends of Carondelet Neighborhood Organization
  • Vacant - Carondelet Betterment Neighborhood Organization
  • Vacant - Not for Profit Organization
  • Vacant - Landscape Architect/Arborist
  • Vacant (2) - At Large Citizen Representatives


  • Anne Schweitzer - Alderperson of the 1st Ward
  • Kim Haegele - Parks Department Representative
  • Don Roe - Panning and Urban Design Representative
  • Vacant - Board of Public Service Representative
  • Vacant - Neighborhood Stabilization Officer


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