Apply For a Civil Service Job with the City of St. Louis

Instructions for applying for government jobs with the City of St. Louis online, in person, or by mail.


You can apply for a civil service job with the City of St. Louis online, by mail, or in person.

Some positions with the City are not civil service jobs, as they have different rules and use a different application process. You can find those jobs here.

Choose a service option:

Showing instructions for By Mail or In Person.


Gather Education History

Gather names, locations, and dates for the following: 

  • Schools you attended for high school, technical school, and/or college
  • Certifications, licenses, and/or degrees you have that might apply to this job

Collect Work Information

Gather information about your work experience, including: 

  • Employer organization names, addresses, and phone numbers
  • Employment start and end dates
  • Supervisor name
  • Your job title
  • Your work duties, responsibilities, and accomplishments

You will be considered based solely on the information provided, so a complete work history that includes job duties will help your application be considered.

Review City Policies and Requirements

Read and understand applicable policies, requirements, and regulations.

Choose a Position

Find a position you are interested in and qualified for from the list of current positions


Applying by mail or in person involves filling out a paper application and mailing or delivering it to the Department of Personnel

Here are the steps:

  1. Download the Employment Application Form
  2. Fill out the form. You can fill it out with a computer or by printing it out and writing neatly by hand.
  3. Give complete answers to all questions. You must be able to substantiate any statement made on this application. A misstatement of material fact can result in your application being rejected.
  4. Return finished applications to the Department of Personnel.


City of St. Louis
Department of Personnel
1114 Market Street
Room 700
St. Louis, MO 63101

What to Expect

If you applied online, you will get a confirmation email at the email address you provided.

After your application is submitted:

  1. Your application will be reviewed by the talent acquisition staff to confirm that you meet the minimum job requirements.
  2. Some positions may require preliminary testing. You will be notified by email if preliminary testing is required for your position.
  3. If your application meets the minimum requirements for education and experience, your application will be evaluated by a Talent Acquisition Specialist and assigned a score. City residency and veteran status receive additional points.
  4. If you score among the top applicants, your application is sent to the department that is hiring for the position.
  5. The hiring department will contact you to schedule an interview.
  6. The hiring department will notify you of their decision. If you are not selected for the position, you will remain on the eligible list for up to two years, and your application may be shared with other departments who are hiring for a similar position.
  7. After a job offer is made, you may be required to complete a background check or medical screening test.
  8. When you begin working for the city, you will be scheduled for three days of onboarding with the Department of Personnel. On the fourth day, you will report for duty in your department.

Additional Information

Do not submit a resume in place of completing an online or paper application.

If you have any questions, please contact the Department of Personnel.


Department of Personnel

(314) 622-4308

1114 Market Street, Room 700
St. Louis, MO 63101

Monday-Friday, 8:30 AM - 5:00 PM

Contact the Department of Personnel

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