Fire Prevention Permits Information

General information about applying for Permits from Bureau of Fire Prevention under the Fire Department.


Certain activities that are deemed as potentially hazardous are not allowed unless the city has issued a Fire prevention permit.

The purpose of the permit is to insure that any activity that may be potentially hazardous is conducted according to recognized standards of safety.


  1.  Download and fill out the the Fire Prevention Application
  2.  Submit the completed Fre Prevention Application to: 
Fire Department
1421 N. Jefferson Ave
St. Louis Mo. 63101

Phone: (314) 533-3406 



Permit Fees Vary

What to Expect

Payment and recipt of Fire Prevention Permit

Additionally permits may be required for activities not listed in the "Permit Requirements" document, at the Fire Marshal's discretion.

Additional Information

In addition to permits, in order for business to conduct certain activities, certification may also be required.

The certification process insures that various businesses and their employees have the proper aptitude, experience and equipment to safely perform a specific hazardous activity.

Additionally, we assure that the company is bonded and insured to protect the owner and the city from any losses in case of accident.

The certification process includes :

  • Work History Resume - includes the location, contract information and nature of any prior jobs you may have completed.
  • Prior Certifications - including certifications from other cities and states.
  • Documented Training
  • Required Federal Licenses for handling Explosives (if applicable).
  • Proof of Insurance
  • An Interview with the Fire Marshal

Contact the Fire Marshalls Office for more information (314) 289-1960


Fire Department

(314) 533-3406

1421 N. Jefferson Ave
St. Louis, MO 63106

24 x 7 Monday-Sunday

Contact the Fire Department

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