Archives from the Recorder of Deeds

Information on obtaining archives from the Recorder of Deeds: copy requirements, fees and payment methods, and obtaining book/page and date/daily numbers


The Archives Department is the custodian of historic documents. Our collections include:

  • Adoptions before 1917
  • Marriage Records from 1766 to 1931
  • Businesses and nonprofits
  • Campaign Finance
  • Cemeteries
  • Wills and Probate
  • Professional Licensing
  • Orphanages and Institutions

This office also helps with genealogical searches and in locating documents for academic or scholarly purposes.


Deed Copy Requirements

Information Customer Must Provide

  • Provide Grantee Name (Buyer or Recipient)
  • Provide Property Address (Street Number + Street Name)
  • Provide Document’s Recorder Book and Page Numbers

Fees for Records 1921-Present

  • Fee for Certified: $5 First Page + $2.00 Each Additional Page
  • Fee for Uncertified: $3 First Page + $2.00 Each Additional Page

Fees for Records 1766 to 1920

  • $0 Name Search Using Deeds of Adoptions Card File Index
  • $3 Per Uncertified Copy
  • No Copies of Index Cards or Book Covers


Payment Methods

  • Payment for Walk-In Service is by Visa/MasterCard, Cash, Money Order, or Business Check. No personal checks.
  • Payment for Mail-In Service is by Personal Check, Business Check, Money Order, or Cash.
Payment Method

We will accept all major credit cards for amount of Purchase or Deed Recording Fee. Minimum $1.50 service fee Walk-in services only.

No cash back.

The service fee for all credit cards will be set at 2.95% of the payment amount with a minimum service fee of $1.50 will be charged for all transactions below $52.

Service fee pricing for electronic checks: The service fee for electronic checks will be set at $1.50.

This pricing includes the ability for Forte payments to:

  • Validate the saving and checking account number real time.
  • Validate that there are positive funds in the banks account at the time of the payment.
  • The product called ATM Verify validates 95% of all US banks.
  • The city will received $.050 per transaction, which will be deposited to the city's designated bank account on the monthly basis.


How to obtain book and page numbers

Document Recorded January 1920 to Present - Customer must provide addresses or grantee/grantor name

One document search - Go to room 128, Recorder Imaging/Microfilm Dept. A clerk will be happy to search the recorders database (by address, or name or parcel number ) and provide you with the Book and Page numbers 

Multiple Documents search - Go to room 128, Recorder's imaging Microfilm Department. Using one of the recorders public research computers, search the recorders' database (by address, or name, or parcel number to obtain the book and page numbers.) If you need assistance, a clerk will be happy to help you. There is a 10 minute per customer per visit limit on the use of the public research computers.


Documents Recorded before January 1920 - Customer must provide data and daily numbers

Multiple documents search - Go to room 128, Recorders Microfilm/Imaging Dept. A clerk will be happy to search the date and daily book to provide you with the book and page numbers.


How to Obtain Date and Daily Numbers

Go to room 114, Assessors Officer, City Hall.


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